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  1. Haha! Spectacular! Such gusto in that voice... I just noticed that starting at 0:44, I think the singer dubbed himself over singing in falsetto, which just sounds hilarious now that I'm hearing it.
  2. I'm a fan of the ska sound; not something I'd usually associate with Super Mario Land. It's upbeat, cheery, and I love it for that. The only thing that I don't like is how short it is, and that it kind of makes me think it's supposed to keep going after the ending.
  3. The final songs of a video game are generally its best. The ending theme has to be triumphant, celebratory even. You won! The world is at peace! Way to go, hero! This mix reflects those sentiments. I like to sit back and imagine a story accompanying this tune: as the song opens and the first few chords are coming through, it's as though Link had just landed the final blow. At 0:43, it feels like reflecting over the victory. I really like 1:08, and can’t help but imagining the sun rising over Hyrule right at that moment.
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