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  1. So let it be known I have an abnormal hearing range. It's not Dog like, but there is a high pitch whine throughout this entire song. I hope this isn't the watery sound you people were talking about. I was wondering why I got a headache every time I listened to it. Fix this whine and you've got me sold. I guess that's the downside of having a nice soundcard and phones. It is just this song and it's not a hardware/software issue. I get it in winamp, WMP, itunes, and my nano (but not my old mini because I don't think it could play that. Also it's not my headphones because I got it on my earbuds and my full headphones. As for the review of the song, it needs more variation. besides just adding violin harmony. It has tension and resolve but no dynamics to flow it with the exception of the bridge around 1:50. I'm only really critical because of the pitch though. I like the song and what the artist developed-- melody and variations and all.
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