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  1. This track just popped out of my DAP's playlist, and I felt compelled to write my thoughts on it. I feel it's too bad that so far the comments have been so negative... Ok, so they're not playing to absolute perfection. Ok, there's plenty of better SMB remixes out there, but bottomline is: this is fun to listen to. Whenever this track comes up, I can't help but smile a little. And IMHO, it's a bazillion times better than that out-of-tune, random-arsed P.O.S. Music Of My Groin "remix" of the Zelda theme. That one makes me *cringe*! To each his own, I guess. /0.02$
  2. Hmmm... didn't mean to offend... Only compliment.
  3. This is my first review here. I've heard a good percentage of the songs here, and I love most of what I've heard a great deal. But this is the first time I'm compelled to write a review. This was a-ma-zing! I had MM3 way back then, and it is one of my favorite songs from the series (my favorite being the song that plays in MMX when MM is standing on a cliff at the end, wondering if Zero is allright). I like everything about this track. The melody is nicely captured by Starla and the lyrics that were put to the music are incredible. The poetry is lovely and has pinched a little cord in m
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