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  1. I have to say, this mix rocks. It has a lot of original material, a lot of more liberal, fresh material, and a smooth bassline that propels your song forward. It does what it wants to do and doesn't last too long. I say submit it now.
  2. OK I think I'm about to submit it to the judges soon... I think I'm excited but anxiety is very similar-feeling.
  3. So this time I took the clarinet, english horn, and piano and changed their dynamics throughout so that they sounded more human. I fixed one of my bass drums. And the ending I made a release into a weightless kind of ending, where the piano restates the theme again, but more majestically in a way. The piano doesn't resolve, which I thought was nice yet subtle. Feedback?
  4. Anyone else? I'm eager to submit it and see what the judges say. I'm also eager for them to give it a big, size 36 YES, so feedback is essential. Oxygen-essential, one might say. =]
  5. This song fits really well with the DnB style. The awkward chromatic sounds of the original make into a perfect DnB lead. Your bass and lead synths are spot-on. The bass rocks my subwoofer, so it's perfect. I don't think this song sucks as bad as everyone else says it does. It has plenty of variation to me. After a while though, it does seem to just go on and on, like after 2:20 or so. And yeah, it's got cool effects, but the pikachu is rather cheesy. Haha...
  6. Great work, it's definiately not a combination I would have ever thought of. Comment-wise, It seems to have forward movement and progression, but there could be a little more of that. It seems to dawdle in some places, like when the bells come in first. It just doesn't move along very... well. Other than that, your samples could use some excitement. I appreciate the synth flute because it sounds very similar to the one in the actual song. Your drums are kind of... lackluster. Just a little pre-submit adjustment to make them more exciting or whatnot. But apart from those two things, it's a pretty great WIP. Love when the drums bust out towards the end half.
  7. So I fixed it up a bit. First, I changed the beginning from the pizz, which although was very MIDI sounding, it was exactly the same-sounding as the one in-game, so I thought it was a nice transition from the in-game music into the climaxing electronica that it develops into. But I want to get my song on OCremix, so I changed it. Second, I added more elements of Ozmone Plains and The Place I'll Return to Someday because I felt like it was slightly being overpowered by Blue Fields. And if someone only heard Blue Fields and wasn't familiar with the other two themes, then it would seem entirely Blue Plains with some english horn doing its own thing in the background. Which leads me to my next point, which is that my basis for doing this song was the fact that the soaring climactic part of both Blue Fields and The Place I'll Return to Someday are very similar, in that they both start the same, are both dorian, and both can be backed by the ostinato that Blue Fields' pizz perpetuates throughout, as a sort of color-tones-imposing device. Hopefully people are realizing that the first part is only The Place and the second part is only Blue Fields, and that I'm not just going on and on with Blue Fields, in which case it would definately seem like I'm doing ALL Blue Fields and would make the ostinato pizz overdone. But if you could tell, then it only enhances the The Place segments, because they are from different songs, games, and circumstances and the combination is the purpose of this song. btw, thanks a lot for helping me out so far =]
  8. The arrangement and orchestration is very good; you always change it up and move the melody around to different sections of the orchestra, which was relieving. It's actually a spot-on job, as I know how tricky this kind of writing can be. Keep up the good work.
  9. Can I get some feedback on this bad boy? It's a blend of Blue Fields from FFVIII and The Place I'll Return To Someday from FFIX, with a little of Ozmone Plain from FFXII and the Prelude in there. This is my first OCremix too, so I'm excited for an onslaught of venom and disdain. =] edit: version c http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/qwcu/The-blue-fields-I-ll-return-to-someday-c
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