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  1. This is from a post I made at the yoyogames forums, I did not send out an email for the game, I am not dead (that rumor was about Dampe, not myself). I'm glad that I inspired you, it's been a LONG and hard journey from March of 2003 till now, and I constantly tweak and enhance my engine, sprites, etc. I would like to give you some advice... ignore the criticism. It's something I had to learn to take. I would also like to allow you to use my Temple of Time sprites, here's the complete room in LTTP style that I use, some people will criticize you for using it and say it's not OoTish enough, but I believe it stays with the spirit of LTTP and OoT. As far as Quest Status, Equipment, Map, etc screens, I would suggest using a pixel-by-pixel approach instead of Beveling and Embossing in Photoshop. You'll notice that I meticulously created each and every pixel on my map, and made sure that it was LTTPish when complete. As well as taking the extra time to get the other screens "just right". http://www.barrashomesinc.com/selectitem.png http://www.barrashomesinc.com/queststatus.png I would also suggest to LBD, use the Link to the Past sprite-based font, instead of the one you are using. Map out each area FIRST before trying to just place it in-game. Once you have it the way you feel it works, then and only then should you put it in-play. examples: Kokiri Shop http://www.barrashomesinc.com/kokirishop.png Hole of Z http://www.barrashomesinc.com/holeofz.png Those who know me, know that I am a stickler for coding practices, indentation, naming conventions, my code is ALWAYS well commented so that I can go back to where I left off. And ALWAYS, make sure you have multiple backup locations (Thumb Drive, Online, etc). Click to enlarge: For those who want to know, I'm not releasing it while I'm here; for one, I don't have my files with me, and two it "ain't" perfect yet. Daniel And one more thing, whoever said I faked my death was a moron, I believe it was Dampe who got in the car crash and then people were emailing me, asking me if I was ok.
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