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  1. You guys are sitting here saying how bad Indy 4 is.. I have no clue why? I understand I don't know your age... Nor do I know if you guys have actually seen the other three movies? I think the movie was very very good especially since Harrison Ford is in his mid 60's plus did all his own stunts... There is a sub story in the movie which I think most of you failed to see. I have been a long Indiana Jones fan since I was a kid.. Just so you guys don't think I'm like some 50 yr old comming down on ya.. I'm only 27. Indy 4 was better then "The Temple of Doom" and about the same as "Raiders of the Lost Ark." I don't care about wether or not other life forms were involved.. It's Indiana Jones!!!!! There's a boat load of Actuall history involved in the movie like all the others.. I liked the fact that Marion was re-introduced into the film. I like the fact that Indy has a son now.. You can start to see the relationship between them build.. Indy starts mildly treating him like Indy's father treated Indy in "The Last Crusade" as far as the use of special effects... WHO cares....!!! Seriously if you think about it.. .90% of all movies have special effects and lots of them... Indy 4 had about the same amount of Special Effects as the other 3 movies did.. I think that too many people went into seeing that movie with the Idea that Indy 4 was going to be exactly like the other 3 movies.. Go back and see the movie and consider AGE, The Era which it takes place in... LOOK FOR THE SUB STORY!! If you really think about it the movie was actually really good!! Sorry for the rant I had just woken up!! I'm sure you all know how brains work when you first wake up!!!! Lata