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  1. Paperman was fantastic. This, well... I thought this would be my favorite animated movie of the year, but Brave, Paranorman, and Frankenweenie etc. all kind of trumped it IMO. I dunno. Paperman was fantastic - loved the blend of classic, Disney styled hand drawn animation and 3D stuff. Wreck it Ralph, with all the videogame and pop culture references, easter eggs and inside jokes aside, just felt... lacking. Predictable. Formulaic. The same basic story I've seen a million times. The same cake with just a thin layer of different frosting on it. It wasn't bad at all. Just not as incredible as I
  2. It's not like it's the primary game system controller. Did he even play with the Wii classic controllers? It's an improvement over that and at least it has SOME rumble. Looks so much more comfortable and i like that it's lightweight.
  3. gonna listen to this later this evening for sure!
  4. Anyone ever see the show Steins;Gate? I'm on episode 9 or 10 right now and am so far really enjoying it.
  5. Really only lurk these forums anymore, but I figured I come into this thread to talk about some anime. Every now and then I get the urge to watch some and end up on a huge anime kick. Just recently I watched a new show that I really, really enjoyed. Not sure if it's been mentioned here or not, but the Tatami Galaxy is incredible. You can watch it for free on hulu I believe, and it hasn't been dubbed but there is an official sub. It's pretty much what the Endless 8 plot arch in season 2 of Haruhi could have been if put into the capable hands of a creative genius. The art style and story are bo
  6. Hell yeah epic track. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ks82itrzn9U
  7. I know some might disagree with this suggestion, and I haven't read the whole thread so it might have been suggested anyway, but I really enjoyed the story and (most) of the characters in FFXIII. The World Ends With You for DS. Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Adam Jensen and several of the characters don't have much in the way of personality, but the story and themes were cool.
  8. bassfromabove.bandcamp.com been listening to the latest volume for the past month and love it. i love the more glitchy side of dubstep, or just "glitch hop" which i guess is a more appropriate genre name. really though i rarely refer to my music by genre any more, just vaguely as "bass" or "beats".
  9. gonna have to keep an eye on this one
  10. I like skyward swords style a lot. I made a new game file in TP a couple days ago, and the visuals are bland and really tough to get used to after playing so many games with better graphics, even other wii games. I just hope the game is more challenging and deviates away from the traditional Zelda formula a bit. From what I've heard they are working on that.
  11. Grandia. Also the tales series. I guess it's more of an arpg because the battles aren't turned based, but combat is fun and addicting and everything else in the game is pretty traditional.
  12. BUY THIS GAME. Supporting bamco will make them less wishy-washy about future tales games making it outside of japan. I played the demo a while back and had a blast with it, even though i couldn't understand what was going on half the time. Combat was a blast with ridiculous moves and visuals. This might end up being my favorite tales game.
  13. I'm pretty sure Zircon is on Beatport
  14. I loved both inception and shutter island. neither seemed that complicated or filled with complicated at all. a couple of my favorite movies, along with Pixar stuff. But who doesn't love pixar movies? I haven't seen anything new and good lately... I use to be on top of movies but I'm kind of falling behind. I wanted to see Tron but I never got around to it. For some reason I find it difficult to make it to the movie theater, and I don't watch all that much TV - Either I have something going on or I decide I'd rather chill and play some games, listen to music, or even read a book.
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