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  1. Yep, some random works of mine that I thought I'd share. These are songs that I intended for a Sonic fan game I'm involved with (hence the use of the Genesis soundfont), but since it's apparently not going anywhere anytime soon, they would just sit on my harddrive which is pointless, so I'm sharing them for ppl who are bored. This one is a remake of the Sonic Heroes main theme tune: .I always thought it would make a good invincibility tune for some reason, so I gave a shot at it. Tweaked it a little here and there, added a bit crazy drum line and there you go. This is a remake of Turrican
  2. Well, I hate to break it to ya, but I think the whole thing is still very repetitive. Hardly something happens throughout the whole track, and even if a little change does happen, then that gets repetitive very fast. It does have a feel like a "sinister genetic laboratory", but it still gets boring pretty fast. Imo either make it shorter, or make it more varied.
  3. Yay, an update. Tried to personalise it some more...nothing else that's worth mentioning. EDIT: This is the final version cuz I don't want to work on it anymore and because ppl are obviously not interested in this remix at all. If you find it unfinished, then sry but I'm not gonna work on it anymore.
  4. I understand the analogy, just freaking hard to match to it as it usually turns out either too liberal or too close to the source..freaking impossible to tell what's good enough for you guys.
  5. Okay, done with the writing, more or less, so here's a sort of 'final' version regarding composition. Toward the end it's maybe a little rushed but I just don't want to work on it anymore..at least for now..it's starting to give me a headache. So finished with the writing, mixing is next. Anyway, tell me what you think.
  6. Well, here's another update: I only concentrated on the composition/writing so I'm aware that the mixing is still very rough and things sound very robotic/inhuman. Verse 2 is now more or less complete tho I admit there are still 1-2 short parts I couldn't exactly get to sound how I wanted to. =/ But anyway I hope it doesn't sound so repetitive anymore now and sounds more like a remix than a rearrangement.
  7. Thx for the constructive feedback. Well then, let's see: About the flute and bass sequencing, I know they need work, but so far I'm only concentrating on the composition and I wanna finish that first before I get started with the mixing. (From experience I think it's not the wisest idea to work on both of them simultaneously.) I wasn't aiming for the 'Owl City-esque mood' but that's cool. XP Actually I only started this whole thing due to boredom, didn't think it would turn out to be something that has potential. And last but not least, I'm aware that it's still pretty repetitive. I just 'pas
  8. New (but not too big) update: Still working on 'personalizeing' it. And if anybody has any ideas on how should I call this remix (something more creative than 'Splash Hill remix'), I'm listening. And btw, we'll see about that solo thingy.
  9. Update: Made an 'interesting' and probably not too creative intro and some other changes. Not much else to say so...enjoy if possible and leave feedback.
  10. At least that's a pretty straight-forward suggestion, lol. Yeah you're right, and I'm working on that. So far this is what I got this: Still rough around the edges I know, but I think it's starting to sound different from the original. =P
  11. Something from the upcoming Sonic 4...funny that the game isn't even out yet but fans already remix songs from it.. So yeah, here's Splash Hill: About 1 hours work so not much, especially since it's from me.. Oh and the source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dyhhBXXoeQ
  12. Changed the intro again, this time for the better so I think it stays this way from now on, and also worked a little on other parts. This is actually starting to sound like something. Feedback is always welcome.
  13. Worked on it a little, tried to change the intro, tho I have a feeling the original was better.
  14. Don't t really know why I'm actually posting this..boredom probably.. Started messing around with another song..this time from Jazz Jackrabbit 2, the castle level. Coz that tune is awesome. Messed around till I got this..basic as hell since I only had a few minor ideas that I put in. I personally like the sound of it, especially the noticeable bass and the lead but I have no clue how to go on with it. Probably another thing that I won't be able to finish.. Oh and source:
  15. To be honest, I liked the previous design better. The lack of the sidebar is kinda disturbing for me too, as well as the lack of the alphabetic game navigation. I would also point out what previous users did too, that the "Workshop" link at the top menu bar covers up the username box, making that modul completely useless. Furthermore, although this may be just me, I don't like that when you're in the forums, there are no left or right sidebars at all. This kinda makes navigation through the site less convenient, and I also feel it makes the site less user-friendly and welcoming. I personally f
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