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  1. Nobuo Uematsu is my favorite composer. All the Final Fantasy music is amazing.
  2. Overcoat said I should post these here so... Here's my best stuff so far, all original stuff, no remixes yet. --------> http://www.mediafire.com/?n6j1qjzv38p You can listen to them all from my youtube account. ------------------> http://www.youtube.com/user/stephenarnquist The zip contains (all in Renoise format .xrns): beatdown, clouds, crystal halls, grief, hopeful, in pursuit, next beatdown, peaceful town, playful, race, spooky waltz, tribal, underground tunnel and undersea. Any feedback is appreciated
  3. Well, I've made a few more songs since I switched to Renoise, so please check them out and let me know what you think, they're at youtube.com/user/stephenarnquist I think I'm getting better, but I'm still frustrated when I try to move on to the "B" part of the song after the first part and a little variation. I keep making B parts that just sound like a completely different song :/
  4. I use evm grand piano and mda piano, both free.
  5. I'm using DSK Brass in this song, what can I do to get rid of those buzzes on those long F notes? Or maybe there's some other good (and free) VSTi that I could use? Here's my setup and here's the song youtube.com/watch?v=eGIFMGjzTdY
  6. well, I just figured out I can export to midi, so all I have to do is reassign the instruments since I haven't been using any fancy effects yet. Coolness =)
  7. Thanks for the responses everyone, good info. Hmm... Renoise looks nice, I've been looking for a new tracker actually. Did you used to use Mad Tracker? Is there some way to convert my mt2 files into something I could use in another program like Renoise?
  8. Hi, I've been having fun messing with Mad Tracker and various free VSTs and sound samples for a while now. I've got a bunch of random ideas for songs posted on youtube.com/user/stephenarnquist, nothing very well developed, but I'd appreciate any feedback. Composing question. I've been reading a bunch of stuff about music theory, but I'd like more specific information or advice about song construction. Does anyone know of a good book or online resource for that? Instrument question. Sometimes I'll hear an electronic instrument in a song that I really like and want to duplicate or at least appro
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