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  1. Well, not so much a Remix as I'm looking for a Cover, but you are free to Improvise. I'm the Director for the Final Fantasy 9 FanDub on YouTube. Our Channel has nearly 800 Subscribers, our FanDub has had thousands of Viewers. I'm looking for someone who can do a Cover for the Hilda Garde Airship Theme and a soft instrumental for Melodies of Life. Anyone interested, post a response below and I'll send you a private message with more information. If you have a demo to some of your work, please include that so I can take a listen.
  2. Hi All, I have a question in regards to doing a Cover for a composition belonging to a composer of OCRemix. I don't want to point fingers and name anybody in particular, but the User has been inactive for years, they don't have a means of contact and the little information that is posted on their profile consist of broken URLs. That said, the Composition they've provided is beautiful and I'd love to do a cover of it, no monetization, no changes to the original score, just adding Vocals over top of them. If I can't reach out to the original Composer, am I able to do the Cover if I credit the heck out of it where credit is due? I suppose the worst that could happen if I receive a message from the original Composer to remove it... Which would at least get me in touch with him... Thoughts?
  3. An example of what I mean by modernize, here's what I did with the "Terra" theme from FF9: Unfortunately, I don't do upbeat too well, but if you want to give it a shot, send me an E-mail and maybe we can tackle it 20 seconds at a time or something. That way nothing gets jumbled in the process. Edit: This person actually does it better than me haha
  4. I don't just mean run it through something that will modernize the current instrumental track...Give it a good beat with a modern rhythm. You don't have to use the exact same instruments, just as long as the melody is there and it has that epic tune the original had.
  5. I'm looking for someone who would be willing to do a cover for our Final Fantasy 9 FanDub. We're coming up to the part of the Game which uses the Airship and I'm looking for someone who can take the original Airship theme and modernize it. Rock it out with some modern beats without changing too much from the original. Basically, I want it to sound like the original but I also want it to have that modern upbeat feel to it. Any takers? Send me an E-mail: Aaron1984@Shaw.ca Here the original theme: Here's our FanDub http://www.youtube.com/user/Mesden1
  6. Don't look at me, I thought the post was a little random, but I didn't take offense to it. Kind of reminds me of some of those Forum threads you see: User 1: I have a problem that's to do with my... User 2: I have the same problem, would appreciate some help. User 3: Yeah I just came across this problem too 7 or 8 Users later you finally get an answer at the bottom of the page lol.
  7. I am looking for a composer to do a Cover of Erutan's Rose of May, who has graciously allowed me to use her Lyrics. You can take a look at Erutan's profile here: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01859/ This is a non-profit request. I'm also on a bit of a time crunch, as I'm hoping to use this in the next episode of our Final Fantasy IX FanDub, so consider the Deadline to be November 14th. I also have a vocalist (Claire Yaxley) ready to record. You can take a look at some of her work for our project on YouTube: For those who aren't familiar with "Rose of May", the melody itself is quite soft. You can use a piano, a harp, or something similar. I'd also like to hear some strings. Nothing technical or difficult. If anybody out there would be interested in taking on the task, send me an E-mail and include a demo to some of your previous work (if possible). You can watch our FanDub here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Mesden1 My E-mail Address is Aaron1984@Shaw.ca.
  8. Plenty of time. I'm not in any rush, I'm just looking for someone to do it.
  9. I am looking for a Composer for an IMDb Accredited YouTube Fandub. As this is a Fandub, the work would be Non-Profit. You would be credited within the video's Main Title sequence on every episode, as well as on the IMDb. This is for the Final Fantasy IX Fandub, which is about to start production on Episode 12. Here is the theme I need Revised. It needs to sound exactly the same in terms of the composition as it was composed in such a way that compliments the video. You can use any different instruments you want, or you can use the same ones and just add more to it, as long as the melody is the same. Email me if you are interested (Aaron1984@Shaw.ca). Here is the Theme I need, just try and add some life to it
  10. Greetings Everyone, I'm the Director of Final Fantasy IX FanDub HD, I've made a musical composition, not a Remix nor a Cover of anything, an original composition, and I'm looking for a Composer to do a Cover or Remix of it. The one I've made sounds very MIDI-Ocre, pardon the pun... I'm looking for someone who can make it sound the same, just do a better job of it. This will be used for implementation into our Final Fantasy IX FanDub at a later point in time, and as Final Fantasy IX is owned and copyrighted by Square-Enix, this would be a non-profit, voluntary project. You WILL be credited on YouTube and the IMDb. Here is the compostion. You don't have to do the slow part, just the fast part: E-mail me if you are interested. Aaron1984@Shaw.ca
  11. I've uploaded a video to YouTube, a translation for Suteki da Ne, performed by Claire Yaxley. Was wondering what everyone thinks..?
  12. Made a Game Cover for The Extreme from FF8. Take a listen, let me know what you think:
  13. I'm working on a You're Not Alone Cover for Final Fantasy IX, but the Guitar used in Mixcraft sounds so bad, and all the other electric Guitars sound so distorted. Anyone out there interested in a Guitar Solo? Need the Guitar to match the Tempo so make sure you listen to the YouTube video and rock your guitar accordingly
  14. I never said it was a Remix. Title on the YouTube profile says Game Cover too
  15. One of THE best Final Fantasy Compositions out there, and one of my best Game Covers. This one combines the Orchestral Version and the Original Version together: EDIT: Updated. New Cover can be found here:
  16. Here are a bunch of Game Covers I composed with Mixcraft, starting with my personal favorite, Sinister Sundown. These were all composed by Ear, so let me know what you think. Kingdom Hearts II: Sinister Sundown ( )Kingdom Hearts II: Dearly Beloved ( )Kingdom Hearts II: Asteroid Attack ( )FF6: Opening Theme ( )FF6: Terra (The Piano Collections) ( )FF6: Shadow`s Theme ( )FF7: On That Day 5 Years Ago ( )FF7: Jenova's Theme ( )FF7: Forested Temple ( )FF7: Under the Rotting Pizza ( )FF7: Reactor Theme ( )FF7: Anxious Heart ( )FF7: Cid`s Theme ( )FF8: The Extreme ( )FF9: Terra ( )Legend of Zelda: Classic Dungeon Theme ( )Super Mario 64: Dire Dire Docks ( )Kirby Superstar: Rest Area Theme ( )
  17. I should get the Board Creators to change the topic on this thread again... These are Covers, not Remixes...
  18. Yeah that's what I meant to imply, That I'll be doing Covers, not entire Remixes of the Songs.
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