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  1. Follow-up post: you're in luck! Ravon still had all of them, and here they are for your pleasure: http://rainwave.cc/~rain/ormgas_jingles.zip
  2. We don't have them, unfortunately. I can check to see if ol' Ravon still has them kicking around, though, but I have a feeling it's a slim chance.
  3. Thanks very much. Some big and exciting changes coming this year to Rainwave. I intend to make turntable.fm obsolete, more or less.
  4. No, we're not yet listed in the Shoutcast directory. We just moved over to MP3 streams and will be adding ourselves to Shoutcast and TuneIn. You can use a third-party player and add the URL http://ocstream.rainwave.cc:8000/ocremix.mp3 though. (Fstream will let you do this)
  5. I'm not sure what you're asking. If you mean "can you tune in like SHOUTcast", then yes, you can. If you're asking about DJing - things got a bit too busy for me so the DJ-ing stuff is on hold for now while I get things in order.
  6. Total balls! I've tweeted at YouTube from the Rainwave account, for what it's worth. I also know someone who works at YouTube, and I forwarded him this info. He said he'd be reaching out soon. That might be worth more than my tweet. [edit] The YT account is back up!
  7. I'll ping Ravon - they wouldn't be appropriate for the current OCR Radio due to references to ormgas.com as well as the name "Ormgas." But yeah I loved those old things. For reference, you know, we are fully capable of playing ads on Rainwave/OCR Radio. I just need some! If you guys make them, I'll play them! So please make some and give them to me. I have big plans for Rainwave over the next couple of months. Hopefully by the end of September, Rainwave will be incorporating a bit of Turntable.fm functionality. I'll assign DJs to OCR Radio, who can then upload their own music and DJ
  8. You're very welcome! Going to be some big enhancements to the site coming soon, stay tuned.
  9. Yes, they're both the same station, just different relays.
  10. Hahah, glad you enjoy it. With the new server I should now be able to focus all my efforts on the next site version. I'm excited to finally have a clean slate to do it.
  11. OC Remix should be 100% OCR only. If you were hearing VGM, it's very likely you were listening to one of the other stations.
  12. Hmm, get in touch with me on the Rainwave forums after we launch our new version of the website. I'm interested in adding relevant live shows to our lineup. :)

  13. That's really difficult for us to do right now (we only have it working on the alternate station, V-wave) but we're working on it.
  14. Yes, that's documented in the help page. We stream in a format that's not supported by major media players. It does, however, sound better at lower bitrates, which allows us to support a lot more listeners.
  15. I got the help I needed from TehDonut, and I spent this afternoon fixing the updating script so that nobody's got an extremely tedious, continuous task.
  16. Sorry for only getting around to you now - the message board didn't send me an email!

    I've already gotten help from TehDonut, and I buckled down and fixed the updating script. Thanks very much, though! If you listen to the radio, hope you keep enjoying it. :)

  17. It would require some maintenance and work, but we are capable of live show hosting. (but not recorded shows) More work on this is being done to make it smoother for the next site version. Still require help getting remixes up, though.
  18. Hey everyone, I need a little help running OCR Radio right now. I need some grunt work done: the program that used to keep the radio auto-updated with the latest remixes broke, and I don't have the time to rewrite the program, since I'm hard at work on the next version of the site. (and the new site version would make any fixes to the program completely obsolete) I need help with: 1. Keeping the site up to date with the latest remixes (and there's a backlog of remixes that need to go up) 2. Posting the OCR albums to the site. It's my understanding that some songs on these albums are also
  19. The US relay is experiencing some difficulties right now. Don't panic - it'll come back online eventually. Unfortunately the US OCR relay is our largest relay, which causes a chain reaction of people going to the Ormgas Swedish OCR relay or to Rainwave or V-wave. And we simply don't have the capacity on those servers to handle the load, making all stations problematic. Patience, please.
  20. Hotmail rejects our emails at the server level. I've tried, and tried, and tried to get them to not reject our emails, but it never gets through. I send the email, their servers says "OK it's delivered" and it never shows up in anyone's inbox, bulk mail, or spam mail. It makes users furious that they can never sign up, so instead of dealing with people popping in the Rainwave chat all the time, I simply banned it telling them to use a different mail service. It's frustrating. Believe me, I wouldn't ban it if I could get it to work. It's not my intention to stop people from signing up for
  21. Well, in case nobody noticed, Ormgas was renamed to OCR Radio last week. We've become the official station, and I'd expect some interesting results in the near future as a result of the better partnership.
  22. Haha, you'd have to ask Ravon, the guy who started it. I have absolutely no idea.
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