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  1. Hm. An introductory thread. Ok, I'll give this a shot... So, hi. I basically joined because I fell in love with some of the remixes in the Thieves of Fate thing. (Of note, I am new, therefore I don't know whether the album is called Thieves of Fate, or Radical Dreamers. If someone could explain it to me, I'd be grateful.) I'm a fledgeling musician and I figured this would be a good learning experience. I've been playing guitar (bass, acoustic & electric) for two and half years now, played trumpet a long time ago, and have some mild theory knowledge. I also love video games and their music. I particularly enjoy battle music and the soft songs of videogames. My favourite videogame song of all time (at the moment, since I'm fairly oblivious) is Together We Ride from Fire Emblem. Basically, at the moment, I have to many questions to put in one mere reply, and I don't want to clutter this topic, so if an experienced member would be willing to, for lack of a better word, teach me about the site, remixing and such, I'd appreciate it. Anyway, I hope to be of use to you guys in the near future.
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