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  1. happy birthday and engagement! your site is a beautiful creation and should be recognized as one of the pillars of the internet.
  2. this song made me want to run around and punch things (from me this is a compliment). perfect length too. you should make a second version of it that loops. perhapses one that can link up with this one the way they do it in the game. I wonder if it is possible to replace the original song in a modified rom of MM3 with this.
  3. personally, I enjoy a song that does not vary too much from the original. this song is nice and ominous. perfect for a villain theme. I can almost visualize X and sigma in a room with sigma reveling his grand master plan (as villains always tend to do). only a few problems with it. first off, It's too short.second of all and posibly more important is the fact that it is not designed to loop. this is defiantly the type that you could listen to nonstop for thirty minutes. you should almost be able to visualize a sigma confrontation. like in the game, the music should not be forced to stop unt
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