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  1. The lead does sound off, particularly in the 1:02 and 2:31 sections as Chimpa mentioned. The pad sound is very weak. The mid-point introduces a lighter take on the theme, but it’s not doing anything awfully different. Arrangement is very conservative, with not much in the way of additional material added, placing this quite firmly in cover territory. Production is ok but could do with some clarity. It’s not a bad mix — there are a lot of opportunities here, but in its current state, it feels like it’s in draft form, waiting for retakes. NO
  2. Good choice of source. The opening builds up over the first minute with some blips and atmospheric elements. At the 1:00 mark we’ve got a fairly standard dance beat, where different blippy synths start to enter the fray. Things are fairly minimal but there is enough going on, at least initially. There are some hot piercing frequencies in here however, I’m unsure if that’s due to clipping or some untamed synths. You need to check that. The arrangement takes some breaks here and there across the duration but mainly keeps the same pacing. At 3:50 we get a chorus like section. The synths have a bi
  3. Things start off with a nice bass patch — it’s quite a standard bass line, but I appreciate its place in the genre representation here. The synth lead at 1:44 is too soft, which being a lead, should be more upfront. The break at the mid-point was a bit confusing as it didn’t really go anywhere. The chorus portion repeats again at 3:30 and is essentially a repeat of the earlier chorus section. The synth buzz afterwards changes things a little, but doesn’t feel quite like enough. Production is ok. There are some good ideas here across the first half of the arrangement, but creativity seems to dr
  4. Solid moody beginning to start things off. Agree with Larry that things are a bit muddy, starting at 0:45. As more elements are added, the less overall clarity the mix has. This is a shame as you have a good mixture of sounds working cohesively together. The break at the midway point was a nice surprise. I also agree that structurally this is a quite conservative mix, you’ve added a number of layers and breaks to put your mark on things, but it would’ve been nice to hear you go further with your original ideas. In the end, I think this really just needs a production pass to remove some of the
  5. Straight up, things start quite abruptly, recommend even a small build-up to open the track up. The energy is quite low in this one — dynamics and instrumentation don’t change a whole lot throughout the duration, creating some issues. Synths are interesting, with some good ideas here, but they aren’t tweaked or explored as much as they could be. Production wise, the drums are very weak, without much impact to them. Mixing in general could do with a revisit, as everything is competing for attention at similar volumes. There are some good synth lines, but the core of the mix is quite conservativ
  6. Sounds like we have a bit of clipping here. This is initially apparent on the SFX during the intro, but occurs throughout the mix. After a brooding intro we’re met with some guitars. I like what you’re going for here, however the guitar lead is not quite hitting notes to time. This issue continues throughout the duration. A tighter, more confident performance would greatly benefit the mix. The 2:17 break is abrupt and doesn’t fit very well, the reverse notes sound a bit off, with continued timing issues. This section abruptly ends at 3:40. The mix ends abruptly not long after. There are s
  7. The arrangement here contains some nice drops. Lots of varied growls and breaks which are well sequenced. The break at 2:00 was a good change of pace. The end is a bit abrupt, otherwise progression is handled fairly well. The main issues you have here IMO are production. There is a bit of a hollow sound to your mix, like some frequencies have been scooped out and/or others accentuated unnecessarily. Some levels should also be adjusted so background and foreground parts sit where they need to. In addition, things are very dry — a dab of reverb on select parts would help with the overall atmosph
  8. Interesting lo-fi instrumentation. The arrangement takes a little while to get going but once started keeps the same energy throughout. Production could do with some work. The build up in certain areas could be improved, as the drops don’t have the impact they should. This is in part is due to the lack of compression. There are some good ideas here but instruments and drums are missing the separation and impact they should typically have. I recommend a production pass over the mix to strengthen the parts and add clarity. NO
  9. Some nice synth choices in the opening minute, with some decent modulation to keep things interesting. The chorus portion seems lacking in impact. The break at 1:10 is nice. As we approach the mid-point, the synth part reuse becomes more apparent, with a similar order twice over. Decent drum samples but sequencing gets a bit samey over time. The charged portion at 2:31 sounds nice and is probably the best part of the mix, but the arrangement doesn’t lead into it well. The added synth line later at 3:12 was ok too, although it had less of reverb feel to it making it feel like it wasn’t part of
  10. Good arrangement. Production is decent enough, with enough clarity between parts. I agree with Emunator that the guitar sequencing here is causing you some immersion issues. The lead in particular is too broken up note wise, making it sound very blippy. The bass also seems to be affected by this issue. If you run your notes into each other you might be able to make things feel more natural. Humanising would also help, as things feel rigid and thus add to the robotic feel of the performance. I’d also play with velocity more as this will affect the tone and make things feel more natural. Making
  11. Nice fake intro. Guitars have a good tone to them, though, but too much low end. This is evident with little in the way of separation from your bass. The synth at 1:05 is quite basic compared to the synth soundscape that follows. The thumping kick and snare work well enough but could do a bit more. The bass synth at 2:00. The solo is done well and has a good tone and nice level of brightness to it compared to the other parts. The strings near the end of the track were nice addition. Arrangement progresses ok, with section changes and once off instruments adding interest. You’re very close here
  12. Emotive. Things open slow, but start to pick up over the first minute. The stronger velocity at 1:14 could have been built up to better. Cognitively, I had some trouble with the timing in certain sections, things felt a little loose, but nothing to hold it back for. Good quality tone. Production quality is decent. Arrangement changes pacing nicely with a solid mix of light and heavy sections. Nice work overall. YES
  13. Brass at 0:57 was certainly too loud. The saxophone line that played afterwards was interesting. The quality of the instruments here are mixed, I believe the issues are exacerbated by sequencing issues (note lengths, attacks). At times you have your parts working against each other instead of building cohesion. The 2:25 guitar solo, while I understand you were going for a quieter feel, it was too soft compared to the other parts. At 2:47 it was better, but the jump in volume felt unnatural. I would say the mixing here really needs fixing. There are sections with a lot happening, where the leve
  14. Like the others, I enjoyed the direction you took with this one. There was an interesting time signature at play here, but it was extremely difficult to get into, feeling like the instruments a lot of the time were doing their own thing at different rhythms. I could feel timing being held in some ways, but there wasn’t the cohesion there I’d expect from a performance like this. I wasn’t as disappointed with the sounds, I thought the electric piano bouncing pan worked well. The organ on top made things a little messier though, Arrangement wise more variation would be beneficial, and there is no
  15. Definitely hearing clipping too, a shame as it’s quite piercing. Mixing is a little weird, things are off balance with the heavier bass instruments clouding the left channel, and piercing highs in the right. The beat boxing beat is an interesting idea, but is too sharp in the highs and doesn’t have enough frequency spread/depth to hold up as the primary percussion source. There are some good original ideas throughout the arrangement, with different breaks and riffing, and interesting blends of synths mixed in. This certainly feels in concept territory for me, and definitely needs to be taken a
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