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  1. While I'm not an expert, I thought the opening choir was well done, with solid integration of the other elements as they come in over time. Mixing between parts is largely well done, with good use of the stereo space. Some parts could do with slightly more foreground/background separation. The progression is not rushed, although changes could do with occurring a little more quickly. I also feel things were played a little too safe at times, with a lot of the original's cue's being relied on. I would have liked to hear some further originality mixed through. These crits aside, I think this is well done, a softer paced rendition, maintaining the angst of the original. YES
  2. A great adaption of the original. The instrumentation here works well, the sparkly and distorted guitars have a nice tone. When the bass drops in just after the one minute mark, the full soundscape features a good mix of instruments, with some decent mixing. The individual parts do sometimes get drowned out though, especially in the solo section starting at 2:33. This is where the mix loses some points due to ineffective (crowded) mixing. I think some of the parts here weren't needed, and the section would've still retained the same impact if the unessential layers were dialled back in volume or completely removed. The rest of the track is mostly well done, although the drums do feel somewhat muffled. The arrangement while slow, progresses relatively well. There was a little too much build-up before the mix actually got going, but these portions were still interesting in their own way. YES
  3. Hits full force on the first note. Lots of varied sounds, growls and sfx, although the first minute does become slightly repetitive by the time we hit 0:50. The following break certainly helps with bringing in much needed variation. The change of pacing here is great as well. 1:45 we break again with ‘lil spacey build-up, and back into the main growly hook. 2:19 again departs from the main progression dialling back layers and introducing elements back in slowly for a final build-up. 3:11 picks up the pacing to take us out, which appears to abruptly end on the final second. What you have here is done well, and while each section isn’t as varied as I would’ve expected for this style of music (with some elements being reused a bit too much), you do have a lot of arrangement variation which makes up for it. I think the drums hit well and you don’t overcrowd the sonic space too much with additional elements. The abrupt ending didn’t feel right though, it initially felt like a mistake in rendering or my download didn’t finish properly. Overall a nice take on the original. YES
  4. Intro builds up steadily. Lead melody hits us sparsely at 0:40. The pacing while punchy, carries a calming feel with it. Instrumentation is fairly minimal as we hit the first breakdown at 1:40. A pair of plucky sounds build things back up into a full soundscape from 2:15 and again at 2:41 where the main hook plays. Instrumentation still remains fairly basic but does the job well. The second breakdown at 3:36 changes up the melody and rhythm with mostly familiar backing elements. I found the sound effect at 4:33 a little jarring, it plays a little too long and carries some sharpness. Things close off fairly suddenly after the 5 minute mark and could've been more developed. On the mixing side things are done fairly well - while improvement could be made with some of the separation each part, I feel things are audible and well fit into the sonic space provided to them. The same sound fx were used a little too often for my taste, and I would have preferred to have heard some more varied sounds across the mix in general to make things feel more varied - particularly during extended sections of similar melodic content. Overall, some niggling concerns with SFX and variance in arrangement - but not enough in my opinion to drag this back. A solid interpretation of the original. YES
  5. Jivemaster

    OCR03810 - *YES* Mega Man 2 "Made of Metal"

    Good use of stereo space. Synths are crisp, with a nice air to them. Dynamics are punchy, with a solid rhythm driving the mix forward. Separation of the instruments is achieved quite well, with a good amount of low end on the bass instruments that doesn't interfere with the other parts playing along. Arrangement progression does feel a little samey at times, despite featuring a number of transitions to different melodies (or variations thereof). This is mostly due to the underlying elements being relatively static, but thankfully, creative use of glitching and the introduction of different lead sounds add much needed variation to the mix as it progresses. The break starting at 3:25 provided an enjoyable change of pace, which I feel could've occurred earlier. The glitch filled ending sequence was relatively clever but could've been more musical. Overall, while the mix is somewhat predictable given the source material, things are well presented and move along at a solid pace. No major issues. YES
  6. Sounds good. Well done making this more humanised, it adds to the emotive nature that you were already trying to capture with the original submission. Tone seems good, arrangement felt well paced from start to finish. I don't have any further issues with this one. YES
  7. Good use of stereo panning for the synths here, with their movement and bouncing between channels giving the minimal instrumentation the illusion of being bigger than it actually is. The early break to introduce the main theme was a nice and simple departure from the initial build-up. While pacing is slower than expected, the arrangement progressed well, with a variety of synths and changes in lead working to keep things moving. The kick has decent weight to it, and the 8-bit synth and its associated riffing were welcome additions in the second half. Things return to earlier territory to take us out, which is probably the main area I would suggest improvement - I would've liked to have seen some further original ideas over the final bars. Regardless, this is a creative adaption of the original with its own rhythm and personality, a solid effort. YES
  8. Quiet yet emotive intro. Performance is strong, with variable pacing throughout. Mixing is serviceable (although overall volume could do with a slight bump), and there is a good amount of air to the notes played. Nothing here feels repeated, even though each section is quite minimal. Due to the slow pacing and minimal nature of the mix, this does feel quite short - leaving the listener with a feeling of wanting more. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I would have liked to hear some further evolution of the source tune. Otherwise, what is here is done well. YES
  9. Solid underlying groove. I felt the guitar during the intro was a bit stiff. The offbeat drums put me off initially but once the listener fit into the groove things felt right. In contrast, the 0:36 vibrato synth didn’t fit IMO - its spooky nature felt out of place with the rest of the soundscape, and clashed with the piano coming in around 0:50. Speaking of which, the underlying chords through the arrangement get quite dissonant at times but aren't overly jarring and do fit the partial jazz focus. The 1:43 chip tune synth was off centre panning wise which made the mix feel off balance in that section, despite this its melody fit in well. I would've liked to have heard some more of this riffing/soloing earlier in the arrangement, especially given its short length and partially repeated bars mid-arrangement. Mix ends quite abruptly and felt rushed, I feel you could've taken a few extra bars to lead us out. Great ideas in this mix, solid production effort, but overall this comes off as needing more polish in the arrangement and instrumentation. I'd like to see you revisit this and rethink some of your choices as mentioned above, you're close with this one, with more refinement you'll have a solid mix on your hands. NO
  10. Neat tempo shifting intro. The thing that struck me is that despite the amount of low end here, the bass has a lot of clarity. The synths are fairly standard fare, with not much in the way of innovative sounds. That said the chosen instruments work well together, creating a cohesive and complementary soundscape. Arrangement wise things feel good for the first 2 and a half minutes or so, but with not much in the way of a change in pace, things start to feel quite samey as we push forward into the second half. It's certainly noticeable, particularly when some fills and effects that were used earlier in the track are reused during the final third (or at least, sound similar enough to feel like they're reused). The mix really could have done with something in the arrangement to change things up, a breakdown perhaps, which could've utilised some of the intro's tempo switching to slow things down and build up again. As it stands, I would've ended things around the 3:30 mark. Clearly the lack of content to sustain duration is my main concern here, and seeing as the production is otherwise mostly decent, I don't feel this shortfall carries enough weight to hold this back for me. Let's see where this goes. YES
  11. Going in fresh. The breakbeats and glitching are well done. Instrumentation is fairly simple, but works for the most part. The lead in the centre is nice and clear with a lot of breathing room. The accompanying parts don't draw attention. I understand where Larry is coming from in his vote. The track doesn't overly evolve once it's up and running. The breakbeats do change around quite a bit from bar to bar, but because they play almost continuously and don't let up, their patterns begin to feel very samey across the arrangement, even when they are doing different fills. The slight break at 2:05 provided a brief change of pace but by a few bars things were back to busy again. I thought the outro was well done. Overall I don't think things here are too bad, the production is slightly muffled IMO but still decent with a good amount of space between the parts. If the arrangement was much longer with similar pacing it might have caused issues, but at the given duration I think it's ok. YES
  12. Jivemaster

    *NO* Secret of Mana "Heaven Forgive Me"

    This one is mixed quite loud, had to turn down my volume from its usual place. Based on the instrumentation, the intro initially left me worried this would be a straight cover, until the vocals are introduced. There's a Bowie feel to the vocals which is quite creative, but I feel the verse parts are mixed too loud. The change in timing/pace at 1:14 worked surprisingly well and things transitioned back to the main theme without any jarring changes. Good job there. The guitar lead portion in the verses' second play through was good for changing things up. The arrangement ends fairly quickly, but not suddenly. While there arrangement is fairly straight forward, I thought this almost brought enough original elements to the table with its vocals, transitions and additional backing parts (which play around with the main melody) to constitute a remix under the standards. I do see where the others are coming from though, as your arrangement relies heavily on the original song's structure and instrumentation and doesn't depart greatly from the original. Personally, I believe there is room for improvement on the mixing side - if the track wasn't mixed quite as hot into the master bus, and the vocals in the verses were dialled back a bit to sit with the instruments more in the verse sections, things would be working really well here. I'm sure this could pass if revisited. NO
  13. Grindy noise stuff to start us off. Snare is a bit weak. The next section with the solo synth shows promise. Things fall apart when the drop hits - drums become lost, bass overwhelms other parts, and a low end muffle becomes present. 1:37 brings us back to the synth lead playing alone, with some percussive elements and accompanying synths are introduced. The parts here while right in some ways, don't feel like they fit together in the melodies they're playing. At this point the main arp theme has repeated with change for some time. 3:20 again introduces us to the wubs. Some nice sound design here, better than the first round. Muffle is still present but not as much. The balance is off a bit with the wubs being quite heavy but mostly occupying one stereo channel over the other. Otherwise the section while chaotic worked ok. We then fade out with more grindy noise. I appreciate the work that has gone into trying to paint the melody in a different light over the course of the duration. I think the mix would've done a lot better if some changes to the main arp melody were made over time, or at the very least, the synths playing it were tweaked over time in some way. Sadly, most times where these sections are playing things are fairly static. Conversely the chorus sections are quite busy with a number of changes happening each bar (almost too much in some circumstances). Ultimately I think the mixing on this one holds this back - when many instruments are playing things sound crowded and lack breathing room, and the drums while trying to be impactful are very weak due to being drowned out by the layers taking their sonic space. I feel there are parts playing in the busy sections that could at the very least have their low end dialled back so the growls have space to wub in. This would bring much needed clarity to the piece. NO
  14. Feels like a slower paced, film focused version of the original tune. Agree with the others that there is some nice chord usage here across the arrangement, altering the feel and emotion of the original. Brass patch sounds quite basic however, which really dragged down the overall orchestral illusion. The stronger brass sections were also very crowded sonically, with a lot of frequency overlap between the instruments, with cloudiness as a consequence. This would've been a lesser issue for me if the sections weren't revisited several times, more care should've been taken here when mixing. Otherwise I found the sound quality and mixing mostly passable. As the others here don't have any major problems with the mix, I am ok to let this through, but the presentation would be far stronger if the brass were corrected. You've brought a new angle to the original tune with your arrangement, with a soundtrack vibe making it feel suitable for a DK animated short. YES
  15. Very funky, retro instrumentation melded with a modern soundscape. A lot of nice articulations in the background instruments, which add a professional flavour. The piano solo at 2:17 sounded somewhat robotic, but had a good melody to it. The instruments complement each other well. I hold the same opinion as Chimpa and NutS, the vocals float above the mix far too much, and the outro fadeout is insanely short - I know tracks on the game did this but I don't think it needs to be done as aggressively, it didn't suit in this case IMO. I would appreciate a revision of the outro to fade things out over a slightly longer timeframe, and have those vocals descended into the mix more, so they feel a part of the presentation. I'm not sure how rapidly this can be achieved. I'll NO for this moment but happy to Yes if I can hear the improvements. NO (conditional on vocal mix and ending) Vote updated on 180224, based on new mix: I like the vocals more now than before, especially, during the chorus portions. I do feel they have become too dry during the verse sections, but overall a solid improvement - they no longer feel like they've been dropped on top of everything and no longer overpower other portions of the mix anymore. I can also make out a lot more of your vocal articulations in this mix, which make your vocals easier to appreciate. You have a great voice, one which doesn't need to be buried in effects to be appreciated, which is trait many would kill for. The outro was serviceable. Of course this could be pushed even further, but this passes for me. Good job. YES