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  1. Is there something broken on the tracker related to the 'OC ReMix Collection - 3001 to 3845 (Q4 2018 update)' torrent? My client is giving an error saying the torrent is no longer authorized for use on the tracker, and http://bt.ocremix.org/ no longer shows it listed.

    (I'm hoping this just means that there's a new update torrent being prepared, since it has been a long while...)

  2. I've been trying to collect sheet music for OCR's piano mixes for years (though I'll admit if I don't recognize the source, I've been less inclined to do so). I'd love to see them made official and given some prominence on the remix pages themselves.

    Looking through this thread, it looks like I've even found some sheet music that hasn't been posted here yet:

    Chrono Cross: Time's New Scar (gutzalpus, transcribed by Seung Park)

    Parasite Eve: Beauty's Abomination (Reuben Kee, transcribed by Delldongo)

    Shenmue: Reflections (Reuben Kee, transcribed by Delldongo)

    I also noticed a few songs have transcriptions through the thread, but haven't been included in the first post yet:

    Donkey Kong Country: Lost in Jungle (Intro)

    Radical Dreamers: Older Promises

    PDFs of several MIDI songs (Beyond Midgar, Into the Golden Sunset, Nayru's Love)

    Final Fantasy XI: While San d'Oria Sleeps

    Link's Awakening: The Feather's Reflection

    Crash Bandicoot: All for Wumpa

  3. I'll put in a guess for the Paper Mario code - is your favorite Chrono Cross character Harle? Kenogu Labz may have beaten me on this one though, as I'm guessing this based on your avatar.

    EDIT: As you responded right as I posted, can I change my guess to Kid?

    As for D&D, I'll guess human, because I would assume that that is a valid answer. (I've never played before though, so I have no idea if it really is.)

  4. Going with the Devastation theme, how about these ideas:

    Devastation's Demise

    Devastation Diminished

    Devastation's Dismissal

    Devastation's Destroyed

    Devastation's Done (probably not nearly epic enough for it though)

    As for Hazy Maze Cave, perhaps:

    A Player Lost / A Pathway Found

    Lost in the Labyrinth / Discovery in the Depths

    Something like that maybe?

  5. http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00888/

    First one that came to my mind.

    I second this - one of my favorite Christmas songs. Its incredibly clever.

    You might also want to check out this games remixes: http://ocremix.org/game/159/christmas-nights-into-dreams-sat/remixes

    They aren't traditional Christmas music, but some of them have a similar feel, and hey, the game has Christmas in the title.

    And here's one final one: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00887/

  6. As far as production quality goes, I think this sounds great.

    The arrangement on the other hand doesn't seem very different from the original. I might be missing something, but it sounds to me like more of a reorchestration or reinstrumentation than a true 'ReMix' (in the OCR meaning of the term). I pulled up the original, and they both seem to follow the same arrangement.

    However, that only applies if you're thinking of submitting it. As far as enjoyability goes, I think this is fantastic. I've been playing through Chrono Cross recently, and I wish this version could be included in the actual game. I may have to go browse the rest of your soundcloud now...

    [Edit] After looking at your profile to find your site, I see why the production of this is so good. Seems like you've got some good credentials in orchestral music. Thanks for sharing this!

  7. I've played many a game of minesweeper, though on Vista and Windows 7 I've found MinesweeperX does a good job of giving just the basic interface without all the eye candy they tried to add in. And it also has some good stat saving and game replay capturing for those that really care.

  8. Can you store some calculation data in some other columns either in the source or the destination worksheet? If so, this is one way I figured out (I tried also doing it all in a single function, as this site: http://www.exceltip.com/st/Retrieving_Unique_Values_From_A_List/805.html says, but I couldn't get that to work for me.)

    Anyway, this method is based on adding an extra column to the original list that simple keeps a counter of the 'id' of each value found, and then using a VLOOKUP on those ids to build the unique list. I would recommend doing these calculations on some other worksheet that just copies in the original list to column B, so that column A can have the ids. Then, the VLOOKUPs can be in column D and E, and the final copy of the list can just directly copy those cells over.

    Here's how it works using that layout:

    Col A





    Col B

    Original list (copied in from source)

    Col D






    Col E




    Column E can then just be grabbed by whatever needs the unique list. Naturally, you'll have to expand the lengths of the VLOOKUPs past 9 to however long the list is, but as long as the input is sorted and without duplicates, this should work.

    Here's what it looks like:

    Col A Col B Col C Col D Col E

  9. Google Music does support importing an iTunes library, so you could almost make this let you import OCR songs directly into it. You'd just need to run iTunes once every day as well, so that it would detect the new songs, and then as soon as they've been added to iTunes' database, Google Music Manager will see them and start uploading.

    (This is close to my current setup, as I use iTunes only as an intermediate location to make syncing to Google Music easy. I use MediaMonkey to actually listen and organize things, and just open iTunes and sync from MM to iTunes when I've added things I want to go to GM.)

  10. Generally, the more intuitive the design is, the easier it is to add things to it without breaking other things. Keeping the player still and moving everything else on the stage seems like a really unintuitive workaround to me.

    I've never really used pygame, so I don't know what functionality it gives you, but in standard OOP design, these are the objects I'd have for this:

    Camera - invisible object who lives just to keep track of what the offset in the room is to draw everything. The other objects are draw with respect to this, and the background can simply be offset by the camera's x/someScale, y/someScale.

    Player - the human player, who moves based on keyboard input, and draws itself at its current x,y position each frame.

    Enemy - same concept as above, moves around and draws itself.

    Does that make sense? If you have a sample of the code, it'd be a lot easier to explain that way.

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