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  1. hope you enjoy
  3. free download
  4. I suppose it can be a free download
  5. thank you very much for your comments Guifrog everything you said is exactly right. thank you for this
  7. havent been on here for a while now.. done loads of game remixes available to listen to here. have also got 4 tracks for release at there are some downloads available too so feel free.
  8. here i have made a hardcore version of the Goron City music. I think i need to make improvements. Mostly making it longer because it is only 2 minutes long. tell me what you think of it Thank-You...
  9. Thank you Liontamer i will use proper English from now aswell...
  10. i dont know where to go to upload or put my music on to show.. which forum? ive looked on the works-in-progress part and i dont see anyone's uploads or owt soneone show me what to do lol thank-you
  11. well hello folks i am new here i dont know where and how to upload my music productions ive been looking on ocremix for quite some time now i decided to make my own songs instead of making mashups lol ive made 17 songs from Banjo-Tooie, they are a genre of techno/trance/acid lol i want to upload them, i am a student at college. i study ICT.. im on my second year now. a few week left then i shold have passed lol. i still live with my mum and her husband, soon i am going to see if i can be a DJ at clubs and that. peace out