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  1. At least they were more entwined in the overall plot than in KH2 lol
  2. I played it, beat it, loved it. Sure I had some issues with it, and I hope they release a Final Mix DLC or something like they planning to do to fix some of the more glaring issues (like almost complete lack of post-game content), but it was still quite enjoyable. Also in regards to the original point of the thread, who is KH for? Folks who grew up with the series, folks who enjoy action RPGs, folks who want to explore Disney worlds... Just because something is aimed at kids doesn't mean only kids should enjoy it, nor does it mean adults shouldn't enjoy it. Media is media, regardless of intended audience, so questions such as "who is it for" are a bit pointless in my opinion. When I play a game or watch a movie or tv show, I never occupy myself with questions of "am I the intended audience" or "should I really be enjoying this?" I just see if it's for me and my personal tastes. If it is, great, if not oh well. Implying that KH should only be for kids or enjoyed with kids seems like a minor form of gatekeeping that is wholly unnecessary. And that's honestly the main reason I've refrained from posting in this thread until now. Anywho, it was a great game with some issues. Yoko Shimomura brought it with the soundtrack. Especially near the end of the game.
  3. So the dates and location for MAGWest 2018 have been announced and for the sophomore installment of the western branch of MAG, it'll be happening August 10-12, 2018 at the Santa Clara Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara, California just as with last year. Thought I'd start a thread off much sooner than last year's to get a good idea of who's gonna be there again, who's showing up for the first time, and I'm really not gonna actually sort by those criteria so if you're gonna be there or are thinkin' about it let me know.
  4. That's fair, and from my research you need half of them to get Debug Mode, but once you're there it certainly streamlines the process. Plus you only need silvers, golds are just for the trophies/achievements.
  5. You can also utilize Debug Mode to get a bunch of rings and then spawn a checkpoint near another checkpoint.
  6. Not sure if this is the proper place but eh. The thing about FF8 is leveling isn't inherently the best idea since enemies level with you. So being max level might be making your job harder than it needs to be. Honestly, the best idea (this is what I did for the Jumbo Cactuar at least) is to have Squall at relatively low HP with Aura cast on him and just keep skipping to his turn until his Limit Break is ready and spam that. Will hopefully work.
  7. Good news! If you have a MAGWest badge, you can visit the exhibit hall from 2-7pm on Friday and Saturday and 2-4pm on Sunday over at Crunchyroll Expo! Which is pretty cool.
  8. Surprised this hasn't been started yet. So MAGWest is only a few weeks away in Santa Clara, CA, and I'm wondering who all's gonna be there. This thread would, ideally much like the MAGPrime thread, be a good way to see who's going to help out with meetups and stuff. Also for other reasons like potentially needed roomshares. I'll be there with my fiance and a couple friends of mine, preregistered today actually. So roll call on who's gonna be there from here! Definitely There Mirby Gario Potential Visitors MindWanderer Details and such
  9. Yeah I think that explaining WHY Drac is attacking Wallachia was quite important. The love of his life, likely the first woman in centuries who wasn't repulsed by him, was killed by an idiot who thought her to be a witch simply because she practiced science. This also explains Alucard's presence, and why he'd want to stop his father (I mean we already knew that basically but it's nice to include that in it). This season was more of a fleshing out of the backstory and, if game progression were to be applied here, following the first few blocks (even though Sypha and Alucard are on different blocks in CV3 but whatev). We still haven't seen Grant, after all.
  10. I'd heard the controller cables were 5ft this time instead of 3ft, which is still short but better lol Also getting this for my nephew, the release lines up with a promise I'd made to my brother nicely
  11. More specifically (as listed in the description for that main theme video) there's gonna be a one-hour TV movie airing on Disney XD for a full 24-hour period on August 12th. The show itself premieres on September 23.
  12. No, according to the PR it just means it'll be permanently powered up to 60 power and glowing.
  13. http://zelda.com/breath-of-the-wild/news/expansion-pass-dlc-pack-1-detailed/ Expansion Pack 1 detailed. New map feature shows you your path over the last 200 hours of gameplay, new dungeon is a gauntlet of 45 rooms that enter you without gear or weapons and, upon completion, truly awaken the Master Sword. New armor, new item to create your own fast travel point (only one), and a Korok mask that alerts you when Koroks are near. Also Hard Mode where enemy health regenerates and everyone starts off one level higher than usual and the level cap is even higher than in normal mode.
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