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  1. Hey thanks conker...I used to have this site bookmarked, I loved it. I couldn't find it for the longest time!
  2. The bass is a bit too much for the first 0:42 seconds but it gets better after that. I'm really digging the song. Maybe just tone down the bass at the intro and you got a good song.
  3. I think it would be pretty neat to hear to songs overlapped. For example: Take FF7 Cosmo Canyon without the drums and add in Turk's Theme drums. It would need a little timing fix with the drums but that's where all these great remixer's come in. Maybe it would start a new type of music. Not quite a medley, but more like a unity of two songs.
  4. I have started a Star Tropics Remake Project. I am remaking the game and I need as many or all the songs from the game. I need songs that are up beat and tropical sounding. The game is going to be vibrant and very lush with foliage. It will have a real tropical feel to it. I don't make music...Just games. I have found this website very useful considering I remake a lot of old classic games. Any help would greatly appreciated.
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