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    Belgium, whenever I finish this packing


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    Deep, deep, deep in the shadowy...kinda downtown-ness of Ottawa, there was a dude. In fact, there were several dudes, but that's beside the point. This particular dude goes to school, works his tail off, and enjoys nothing more than sitting down and playing some retro vids, cranking the music and enjoying the rediscovery of childhood. Throw a nice beer in there, a few books, tea, anime, and...there was Sir_Snooze
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    Staples and Impoverished University Student.

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    2. Maybe; Depends on Circumstances
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    French Horn, Cornet, Tuba, Baritone

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  1. You'd be rather amused to know...

    We have nothing. There is an implied right to free speech in the constitution, separation of JUDICIAL power from Executive and Legislative, and Freedom of Religion.

    Everything else is a common law right and can be abrogated. Including Jury Trials, State acts of attainder (because judicial power is NOT separated at the state level), and other abominations of law. Fun huh?

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