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  1. Wish I knew, but somehow having both is superior to just one standing alone.

    Think of the tunes like the Marowak at the top of the tower. Remember how sad it was? It wants a friend.


    You wouldn't hurt that Marowak, would you?

  2. Is there a JRPG where "defend" is ever a useful option? And I specifically mean the "take 1/2 damage from physical attacks" kind of defend, not the "take 0 damage" or even FF5's ridiculous "take 0 damage to you AND one other person, AND counterattack for free".

    DQ4 and FF3(j) both eliminated "ineffective" attacks, so that's been gone since the Famicom days. Though I think that magical attacks misfiring on empty targets stuck around until DQ5/FF4, the SNES era.

    Chrono Trigger, I think. If you hit someone during certain points, they'd get a free session on your ass with some uber-death-mega-win-ray 5000.

  3. All of us'll be thinkin' of ya, man. Thanks for everything (including but not limited to your hard work with Serious Monkey Business). Stay safe, stay awesome, and may the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house. Er...barrack.

  4. As well, I might be one of the few people very disappointed in the climax of No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.

    Nope, makes two of us. Then again, it has to compete with NMH, which is one of my favourite storylines of ever due to its constant quirk factor. I imagine it would stand okay on its own, but I didn't like the contrast made between it and the original NMH.

    On record, though, Travis Touchdown is one of my all-time favourite characters.

  5. you can see that screen in the Fire House in the last game on ps3. likely the other console versions as well I assume

    Oh man. Now why would anyone nostalgia that?

    No, it's not awesome.

    It is the DEFINITION of phoned-in.


    So you're thinking "All right, MC! Let's do this! I can't wait to kick so-"


    If it ended like that (i.e: Master Chief says 'are you ready? Then let's kick so-' and then THE END appeared just like that, it would kick infinities of asses.

  6. Reminds me of Fallout 3. I HATE THAT ENDING. Oh, here's a series of still photos with Denzel Washington narrating them. Or was it Morgan Freeman? Whatever. Dumbest ending I've ever seen in a modern-gen game, and I've played BABY games with better endings. like Ben 10 or Cloudy with a chance of meatbulbs.

    This. What a letdown.

    Also, the 'final boss' was ass. What kind of game lets you coerce the final boss to just go away?

  7. Already planned. It'll be between the "previous" and "next" links on the writeup pages. Perhaps we need to have it in more places than that.

    Maybe under the 'Music' header? Where it says 'Songs', it currently has 'list all songs: alphabetically - most ReMixes'. I'unno - just a thought.

  8. I had it. It was weird, but awesome. Also of note is the PC sequel, Day of the Tentacle.

    Hale-Bopp's name is apparently Dave, so he could provide some awesome vocals!

    A search for David in the People search box comes up with Rize, The Joker, Hale-Bopp, djp, and dhsu, among others. Just those five could make an epic track of epicity.

    Day of the Tentacle...I'm sorry, but that just sounds like tentacle rape porn to me. Then again, if the original was awesome, and it's not about Tentacruel gettin' his game on, I'll give it a shot.

    Also, lovin' the artists involved here. That is an epic list of musicians. Maybe this should be...an ALBUM.

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