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  1. So should all kickstarter backers expect their packages soon, or are they going to trickle out slowly? (just curious - no pressure)
  2. So out of all the songs on this album, the one I can't seem to get out of my head is The Nightmare Oath. It's been playing in my head almost non-stop since the day after the album was released. I sing it out loud when I'm commuting on my motorcycle.
  3. For what it's worth, this album was the first and only kickstarter I've ever donated to. I've been listening to OCR for... I'm not sure... 9-10 years. So I guess I'd be considered one of the old hardcore fans. I've loved the work that comes from this community for a long time. And I'm not just here for the nostalgia for games I love. Some of my favorite OCR tracks are for games I've never played. Even so, I think this is only my 5th post here. I kinda feel bad now about not dropping by more often to praise you guys. You definitely deserve it. I guess I'm just a generally quiet person, and don't go out of my way to say something unless it's substantial. Something with more content than a generic "great job!" But as an artist myself (non-musical), I should know better. I'm here now because FFVI is super special to me. Maybe not quite as special as the guy a few pages back with the story about living in an orphanage, but similar. I got the game during a period where both my parents were too swamped with responsibilities to do much with me, my siblings were too much younger than me, and we were living in a small backwater town (a 45 min drive from the nearest store that sold video games) where I was heavily ostracized. Video games, books, and bug hunting was all I had, and I only got to buy maybe 4-5 games in a year. I think FFVI is actually my fondest memory from that period. It's easily the most nostalgic game in the world for me, and the music is a huge part of that. My favorite video game soundtrack of all time. So I was incredibly excited for this project from the very beginning. And I'm still enjoying the hell out of it. I'm not going to post individual track reviews because I think the quality is incredibly consistent and fantastic all the way through. The only thing I'd be commenting on is my personal genre preferences. I will say that even with the variety here, there is only a single song that I haven't kept on my standard listening playlist (half of my sorted/rated library is not on that playlist), and it's a track that I do still appreciate the quality of. So that means a lot. To be honest, I will probably never be so excited for another OCR album. You'll have to come up with some shocking idea to manage that. But I'll keep on enjoying your music regardless for as long as you keep on producing it. There's a lot of talent here, but what's more important is that both the musicians and listeners are here because of a shared appreciation for the source material. I can feel when I listen to OCR that you guys have the same love for these games that I have, and that makes it really special.
  4. Wow. Just wow. I was expecting good stuff from this album, but it's far exceeding my expectations. I'm loving all of it, even the stuff that I normally wouldn't stylistically care for. You guys have even produced the first Chocobo Theme arrangement that I actually enjoy listening to. That song has always annoyed the crap out of me. This is really incredible stuff. FF6 is such a precious memory to me, and it's done justice here. I could go gushing on and on, but I think you get the idea. I'm only at the end of Disc 3, btw. I have to keep taking breaks to fully absorb the incredible stuff I'm hearing, and to keep myself from getting too emotional because I'm at work Congratulations to everyone that worked on this. It's a crowning achievement for this organization. I'll probably be back when I'm finished listening to it all for another round of gushing.
  5. Thank you so much for this. FF6 is one of the fondest memories of my childhood, and my favorite video game soundtrack ever. It's so great that ocremix is dedicating its biggest project ever to it! I've been anticipating the hell out of this. Can't wait for the physical package to arrive in the mail! This is me today.
  6. I actually have mixed feelings about 31 seconds... I've seen a few other people in this thread praise it... and while I really like the musical aspect of it... the piano is fantastic... I'm kind of dumbfounded by the random sound clips mixed into it... they seem completely unrelated to doom... they don't reinforce anything for me... they're just kind of there getting in the way of the awesome music that's playing can anybody explain what they're there for?... Mr. Revoredo?... or perhaps a listener has some insights?... if an instrumental version of the song were released, it would probably become one of my favorites as well... any chance of that happening?
  7. I'm a major Doom fan... very influential game to me... I'm actually working on my demo reel right now to submit to Id just for the chance to work on Doom 4 (and bring the franchise back to its roots I hope!) just wanted to say that Delta-Q-Delta is fantastic... there is so much nostalgia and adrenaline in this album... and while I love a few top-notch songs from Dark Side of Phobos (such as Glass Moon), this new release totally blows it away overall it kept me wide awake at work all day yesterday... believe me - that's an accomplishment
  8. I just can't resist a video games as art thread... I'm totally a sucker for this kind of thing forgive me if I'm rehashing anything... only had time to skim through the thread As others have said, you can't define anything as art until you know what your definition of art is. People have been disagreeing on the nature of art for a very long time, so it's not likely to be resolved anytime soon. My personal definition of art - the sharing of human perspective and experience. This is why certain things we do get labeled as artistic mediums, because they are effective methods of representing human perspective and experience. To elaborate, simply telling someone in a straightforward manner what my thoughts or experiences are is not art. For instance, my post in this debate is not art. I'm simply speaking in a straightforward manner. Attempting to share perspective/experience with someone by less straightforward but more thorough means through representation is art. When you read a book and feel like you've just lived a chunk of someone else's life, you've just experienced artistic communication. Again, this is just my opinion of what constitutes art. Relating this back to video games, I cannot tell you how many games I have played which have effected me in this manner. Interactivity is a powerful artistic tool as it draws people further into an experience than would otherwise be possible. The strongest recent example for me, personally, is Audiosurf. Music has always been a really deep experience for me, and I've enjoyed visualization software such as Milkdrop for a few years already. Audiosurf is like a zen for me. It not only draws me into my music visually, but actively engages my participation with it. It's as though the music I am listening to is a place with a deep sense of space, direction, momentum, and color, and I am dancing with it - weaving between the percussion, bouncing with the beats, and running with the tempo all in the midst of a surreal landscape every element of which relates to the music I'm listening to. For me, this is art in finest form, and it wouldn't be possible without the video game element of interactivity.
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