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  1. The Orichalcon

    OCR03445 - Chrono Trigger "Fritz Was Here"

    Funky. I recognised the source straight away even though it's one of the more forgettable tracks from the game. I think this has a bit of a Richard Joseph (RIP) sound to it, perhaps what he might've made if he was alive today. That's a huge compliment. The music is harmoniously satisfying, even accounting for all the effects added to the melody. Even though I think dubstep is a bit overdone now, it works nicely in this track. Good job.
  2. The Orichalcon

    OCR03449 - Doom "Helljam II"

    Yeah the source is from Doom, not Doom 2. Great remix. It's disjointed and unnerving enough to make up for the randomness of the track. It's not my taste, but I can appreciate how well it's made. You captured the atmosphere of the level perfectly. eerily, nauseatingly evil, yet also slightly mechanical and scifi at the same time. Good job.
  3. One of my favourites from the album. I listened to this album blind, that is I just had all the tracks on a disc playing in my car randomised so I didn't know who made what. I guessed this one was sephfire based on what I've heard from him in the past. He's come a long way over the last decade. I always loved his tracks back when I was more active on here. This one shows just how much he's elevated his technique into that of a true downtempo artist. It helps that the source material was a beautiful piece of melancholy which was an excellent choice for sephfire's style. All of the ambient/electonics effects are seamless, the beats carefully chosen and mastered perfectly, and the build-ups are so satisfying, particularly that eargasmic last note. I always enjoy listening to this track when it comes on.
  4. I disagree, after listening to this, I think Magus' theme was almost made to be turned into this style. It works remarkably well. Well done to the artists, this is a great track.
  5. The Orichalcon

    ReMix Reviews - Lack thereof?

    Is there a way to integrate comments on remixes posted to Youtube into the equivalent comment thread here? The issue I see is that in the past, the forum thread was the only direct way to comment on a mix. Now the comments are split up amongst different media, thinning out the numbers.
  6. The Orichalcon

    OCRA-0053 - Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart

    I'm slowly reviewing and editing my reviews of the album's tracks. I just wanted to post my first impressions. katethegreat19 is above and beyond the standout on the album. "Tribe of the Sandy Treehouse" is by far my favourite track on the album, which is ironic since the source material is my least favourite piece from the OST. Brandon Strader has to be applauded for the contributing three amazing tracks to the album as well. My favourite tracks from first impressions, in no particular order: Tribe of the Sandy Treehouse Vamo all Django Lunar Rebellion Craic in the Castle Walls A Rose in the Storm Spirits of Gaia Four Score and Six-Eight Miles and Miles Away Zero World Arxidopitra I'll probably post a full review up in a month's time once I've had a good chance to listen to all the tracks properly.
  7. So sexy, so smooth. I keep coming back to this tragic (err, that was autocorrect, but I thought it was funny so I left it there) track and XPRTNovice's "Miles and Miles Away" (They're back to back on the album, and it is by far the sexiest section of the album.) I love this style, Dave, I always look forward to your tracks on these albums. I'm ashamed to admit it took me a while to figure out why the title is Four-Score and Six Eight.
  8. The Orichalcon

    OCR03055 - Final Fantasy VI 'Umaro's New Groove'

    Love it. Reminds me of the Mutato Muzika style.
  9. The Orichalcon

    Map of the OCR Community

    Harrisdale, Perth, Western Australia.
  10. The Orichalcon

    OCR00825 - Doom II "Blood Bath"

    1:57 - 2:11 the support bit is from E1M5 in Doom 1, as well as the chord progression from 1:34 - 1:41. That's the only extra little bit that I could hear. I guess it is 6 pieces all up.
  11. The Orichalcon

    OCRA-0040 - Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin

    XPRTNovice is the standout performer on the album so far. I love the Jewish Phantom Train music. I haven't listened all the way through, just jumped between my favourite tracks from the game. I'm impressed with A Fistful of Nickels, Prologue, Ascension of a Madman, Bad Octopus, Slam Davis, Megiddo Brigade, Black Genesis, Event Horizon, Go-Go Gadget Gonkulator and The Narshemellow. Once again, haven't listened to them all, or even thoroughly yet. Just first impressions. I'd love to do a full review, time permitting.
  12. The Orichalcon

    OCRA-0040 - Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin

    AVG *really* hates "4-08 zircon, Sixto Sounds - Demon, Fiend & Goddess (Dancing Mad).flac", keeps flagging it as a virus. I'm looking forward to listening to the album as soon as AVG stops blocking it!
  13. The Orichalcon

    OCR02636 - Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 'Whiterun'

    This is cute. You should join the Bard's College. Way too 'hopeful' sounding to fit into the game. It sort of has an "everything will be all right" sound to it. Maybe this is how Whiterun's music sounded before the Civil War. I like it, anyway.
  14. The Orichalcon

    Congratulations to Mazedude

    Dude, where are the archives? I just had a nostalgia boner. Congrats to Mazedude. Keep 'em coming, we need more minidudes in the world.
  15. The Orichalcon

    FFX HD Remaster for PS3 and Vita

    Exactly what I was hoping for. The game is great the way it is, I couldn't see how they could remake it without completely changing it. It's already pretty realistic. Same with Spiderman movies. I don't think a remake is possible.