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  1. Well, there ya go, cat's out of the bag now:razz: Anyways, the 7000 build is rock solid from what I've used it for. Much much faster then Vista in terms of boot speed and responsiveness, and I know it sounds strange, but the locations of tools and their respective functions just makes sense now. Greatly looking forward to the final release.
  2. So yeah...umm, don't know how strict moderating is here, but I happen to have a way to directly test things on Windows 7:razz: So if anyone has any questions on it, I'd be more than happy to try my best to answer them.
  3. Sweet mother of all that is good, a fellow Saskatoonian! I thought I was the only one of my kind on here. Sadly, I have not gotten tickets yet, though I am hoping to get a few friends together and turn it into the event of the year(Since school is done then:razz:).
  4. Late November of 07 actually, at least, for North America.
  5. Well, ideally it would be from this year...but hey, what the heck, it was a gaming moment from this year, so why not? Crap, forgot to include my top moment(s). Personally, as much as I've wracked my brain, I keep coming to Bioshock. I love those atmospheric, eerie adventures and Bioshock fit all that and more. The sounds of the ocean surrounding you, the history of that doomed city...all of that and more made for an incredible experience. Yes, the latter half wasn't quite as good, but it still was my highlight. In a very close 2nd place, seeing the sun rise in Crysis. Combined with the ambient jungle sounds around me, it was my prime reason to continue upgrading my system for PC releases of next year.
  6. As 08 comes to a close, I think we'd all be hard pressed to say that it's been a great year for games again. All 3 systems have seen their share of hits and misses, and there were a few surprises thrown in there as well. I remembered that the Nintendo Power of old had an annual awards thing, and that one award was for the Top Gaming Moment of blank(Limited to Nintendo Systems of course). So I'm curious as to what the members of OCR would say their top moment of 08 was. I think that things out of game should count to, for example, I know that the release of Street Fighter 2 HD was a huge moment to many here. So tell us: What was your top gaming moment of 2008? What's mine you ask? I'll have to get back to you on that...too many too decide from:razz:
  7. Not amazing...but then again, it's Crysis. Ah well, still good enough for me:razz: Thanks for the info, about that and temps! Hopefully I can grab one of these babies fairly soon...
  8. Outta curiosity, how well does the thing run Crysis? I'd only be gaming at 1600 x 1200 so I'm curious as to whether I'd see my fps at 30 or higher. And Dhsu, honestly, I've no idea how much I'd want for my old one:razz: 75-100 bucks? I don't know...whatever you'd think is fair honestly:razz:
  9. Here's the story. I built my computer all from parts I ordered over the internet, one of which was the Nvidia 8800 GTS 640mb, all I could afford for my gaming pleasure. Sadly, after FINALLY getting a decent monitor, my old GTS just won't cut it anymore...especially in games such as World in Conflict (Though it holds up surprisingly well in COD 4). Therefore, I'm getting the itch to upgrade again... So, I've been looking around until I came up a little card called the Radeon HD 4870 today. Seems ATI came outta nowhere with this and the 4850 and they are very very good. Yay. Sadly, up here in Saskatchewan, Canada, it is a scorching 35 degrees and I've already been forced to underclock my 8800 GTS to save my compy and room from turning into a furnace. My question is thus: Does anyone here any experience with either card? If so, how much heat do they put out? If the answer is a lot, how well do they underclock? None of the reviews I've found offer much info in either categoy... And for the record, I apoligize if this doesn't belong here. I'm new if you can no doubt tell, so go easy on me:razz:
  10. Hello all:) Long time listener (5 years or so now? Can't quite remember) and I've decided to take the plunge and join this crazy group of folks. I am a friendly enough person, so feel free to chat me up! I was a Nintendo diehard my entire life, until a little system called the X-Box 360 came out...and I've since sold and/or given away all other consoles. Fav games include the Burnout series, Psychonauts, and the Metroid Prime Trilogy among many others. Apart from gaming, I love sports (Particularily soccer, badminton and golf) and am a voracious reader. I'm also entering my first year of computer science in University. Oh, and I've no musical talent whatsoever, so sadly, I am restricted to listening to the amazing pieces here. And with that, I will shut up now:razz: Hope to get to know you all!
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