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    I am making music on the computer for 3 years right now, using REASON 3.0 and Cubase SX.
    I create remixes of videogame music but also have some self-made compositions.

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  1. The problem is that YouTubers, like me, are on board and those YouTubers do not care about OCR standards and requirements (just their own), e.g. that a tone at second 25 is one hue too loud... Which is a NO criteria here on OCR. That is the big problem of OCRemix. It is overflooded by rules and way too nitpicky with tracks. Good quality needs time and effort - of course - but it is a bit extreme here. Due to this fact, the judges cannot keep up with their time and new projects have to be pushed far away in the time schedule because they have to analyse the tracks second by second. It must be a very stressful job, I honestly do not envy you guys. Just my opinion on that. Please do not take it too seriously. Darren, it was a big pleasure to work with you. I hope we will work together again soon. I hope everyone had fun doing the tracks for this album. It is worth listening to. Every track is special. You guys working on this project are special. I'm proud to get the change to be part of this project and to have some tracks on an album alongside with the big and great OCRemix artists. Let's make this album a sleeper hit. I will promote it on my YouTube channel from the release date (today) on. Your server will be doomed, Darren.
  2. So why not converting this inofficial album to an official album. I guess the people participating in this project would love to (I'd love to see it become official) and the quality might also become very good for an OCR album. Beside the amount of tracks, which fill a 2 CD set. Beside, it is Metroid's 25th anniversary. A good birthday present, if you ask me. @Rozovian: Good idea, regarding the amount of effort people put into their tracks it would be very nice if most tracks will be on OCR... If only I could pass the "NO" border. My tracks might drop behind the quality of the more professional ones. *lol*
  3. So, all my remixes are done. I've sent them to you via email. Artifacts is synth-orchestra and Brinstar NES is classic trance. Hope you like it and may it fit to the album. If I can do anything further for you, feel free to tell me.
  4. Dang, my stuff will drag down the niveau of the entire album. Anyway, the Artifact Temple will be finished app. at the end of January. Dang, I need 2 months of vacation. xD
  5. @neblix: Oh yeah! @Darren: Reserve the Brinstar NES for me, I'll do a short trance remix for this, too. Can you add the Thardus theme of Metroid Prime to the list? Another epic track. Too epic for me because my equipment is not good enough for the remix I have in mind. However, someone else might be interested.
  6. I'm fairly certain, I do know.You disappoint me very much! You create amazing tracks but this comment is way beneath an adequate level. Thank you for proving my point that some users are quite arrogant here... Then please support me in improving my mastering skills and my deficits in creating better sounds and stuff. @Darren: As already mentioned in the mail, I'd love to do the Artifact Temple track similar to my Tallon Overworld remix. First, I wanted to do a Brinstar Red trance mix but it is reserved already. If the Chozo Ruins mix is still half free half reserved, I'd like to do a mix combining Artifacts and this theme. If you rather want a trance mix by me, in which I am better as you might notice in my The Last Story trance remix, I'd do Brinstar NES in trance. You decide. xD
  7. I actually do not like OCRemix because in my opinion the judgement of new remixes (by users and staff) seems to me arrogant, nitpicker-ish and ONLY focused on the sound quality not on the arrangement itself - which only lets remixers access their stuff who already got far more equipment than just REASON. However, as I told you on YouTube, I'll be part of the project. Hope to have a great time. Lets make this baby a huge thing.