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  1. Thanks to all three of you guys for coming to my aid - and Moseph, if you or anyone else has time to go into a little more detail on the techniques you described, I'd be very interested, even if it most likely wouldn't turn out to be immediately useful. And Yoozer, I was talking mainly about the narrower matter of isolating samples from an existing, finished recording, but I am also pretty uninformed, and very curious, regarding a lot of the broader things you mentioned. Where do good sample-packs come from? Most of the voices, drum samples, etc. on the Motif sound pretty good, for example, but most of the samples that I've used in Fruity, Acid, etc. tend to sound too fake or "thin" - lacking something I can't quite put a finger on. Thanks again guys:D
  2. Hey all, new to OC ReMix. I've been making music of various stripes by various electronic means for several years now ( http://www.myspace.com/treesmanufacture for some oldish samples ) - I've used a decent variety of software including ACID Pro 4.0, FruityLoops 3.5, and CoolEdit Pro/Adobe Audition, and I also have a YAMAHA MOTIF7 keyboard synth and some other physical gear. I've always wanted to do remixes (videogame-related and otherwise) and draw samples from any number of existing songs, but I've never understood how remix artists get clean, distinct samples - do you have to have access to the original recordings so that the instruments/voices are separate, or are there well-established software (or studio) tools and tricks to isolate an instrument (or group of instruments, like drums) in the mix of an existing recording? Any help will be MUCH appreciated, as I've been trying to research this for quite a while now. - S.
  3. Sup all. Discovered OC Remix recently, by accident, when searching btjunkie for torrents of SFII soundtracks - loving 'Blood on the Asphalt,' currently downloading every other OC Remix torrent. You can hear some of my older music at http://www.myspace.com/treesmanufacture - before I started writing pop songs
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