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  1. Hey guys, Here's a remix I did of one of my favorite songs from a french videogame called, "MegaRace", by the same company who did "Dune" for the PC. Here's my remix: http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/audio_player/download_song/955500 and here's the original song for comparison: http://gallium.prg.dtu.dk/~lbn/MegaRace/MegaRace_-_01_New_San.ogg I'm hoping to upload this to the judges soon. Hope you guys enjoy it!
  2. Happy B-Day!! And congratulations on the engagement! You must be having a pretty darn good month now, eh?
  3. I uploaded my song. Hope you guys enjoy it!
  4. Hi, My name is Max and I've been writing music on FL Studio since 2006 and hopefully soon I'll be able to post my work on here for everyone to listen to. I've always been nervous to join because of fear that my music is of poor quality, but I have enough confidence to finally show everyone my work.
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