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  1. That's also a great song. I can't find a rule stating no favs? If it's true then i guess it's too bad, is it alright to ask for reccomendations?
  2. I would have to say mine are: Final Fantasy X 'White Skies (Club Mix) Clione (Shades of Blue Mix) [Trance] Suikoden 'Forgotten Daze' Final Fantasy VII 'Fading Entity' Temple Trance Zelda Remix Still obviously scouring for more. This site and mixes are amazing. I'll probably be donating when i get some dough
  3. Just in the middle of thinking, has anything like this ever been done with the OCR crowd? I think it would be a great idea, some of these mixes are truly genius
  4. I was on this site last summer and i remember something like a list of top rated remixes on here, and i generally liked every one of them. I was wondering how to find this list again? I cant seem to find it, thanks!
  5. Hey guys just ran across your site and ABSOLUTELY LOVED BenCousins MGS2 Bigshellwestbristol Mix (OCR00945). I also really liked DJDAins Half-life 2 mix (last train ride i believe it was). I was just wondering if anyone can make any recommendations in the same vein as these two? I really like calm/chillout music. Thanks guys, OCR ROCKS!
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