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  1. Thanks for the replies, as well as the correction in terminology. I've been playing with FLStudio Demo for a couple days now and am making some progress. The reason I was asking about the validity of Finale is because I'm sick of it. I much prefer Sibelius, but if Finale was going to be able to do everything I wanted it in terms of exporting a good sounding file, then I was considering sticking with it. I just like the way everything is so freakin' EASY in Sibelius. You don't have to fight the program for 10 minutes to make it write a 5:4.
  2. Hello! So - I've spent the last 30 minutes or so browsing through old threads, etc. And I've come up with a two-part question that I hope is valid and won't incur all sorts of n3wb wrath. 1. I've been composing and using Finale for years, however, I've never pursued higher quality sounds all that much because I've never planned on exporting anything directly from the program with the intention of it being a final cut. I know there are some sound upgrades, but even the upgraded sounds I've heard have never sounded that great to me - not on par with ones I've heard from mixing programs. So my question to more experienced Finale users is - do very high quality Finale sounds exist - enough as to make it a viable platform for serious music production? 2. In terms of mixing software - I've searched a lot, and found a lot of great information - all of which dates back at least 2 years if not more. So, currently (July 08), has any one mixing program greatly outshone another? I'm not asking for dissertations, though if you want to explain some details that's fine too, but a simple opinion on software will suffice. I'm DLing the FLStudio Trial as I type, just to get an introduction to a mixing program. As a first post, I hope this doesn't mark me as a jerk for rehashing old info. I really did search for a while before posting these questions. Thanks! -DDD
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