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  1. whow... I think it was excenllent O__O whow I love this Version of Eyes on me =D
  2. whow O_O it becomes better and better... at the Moment the Song, that I most looked foward to hera complete =D keep do it dude^^ Ps: Sry, for my late Reply, but I am not often on her.
  3. Wow this is awesome =D I really want, that you will finish this song, I love this Music, and even if FFXIII isn´t released yet, it´s one of my favorite Game-songs^^. And because the song of the FFXIII Trailer is nowhere to find, without the background sounds, it would be very awesome, if your Version of the song is finfihed, becuase i find, that the part of your song, sound much better then it soudns in the original version =D. Keep doing this, dude ;3
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