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  1. The change in the forum title got me excited. I'm such a noob. XD
  2. Is anybody claiming the last two tracks? I'm not interested in doing them, I am just curious.
  3. Is Cranky's theme in the preview? I heard something reminiscent of the DK Island Swing song from the first game.
  4. Serious Monkey Business: the Donkey Kong Country 2 collaboration will also be released this year, and I'm pretty sure Tales will be too. SMB will keep me occupied until this comes out
  5. Do you guys think this will come out this year?
  6. Are you guys doing song descriptions like they did for Kong in Concert? It isn't a necessity, I am just curious.
  7. Do you guys think the project will be ready in 3 weeks (the extension time)? Sorry we all keep asking these kinds of questions. We are all just too excited for our own good
  8. Amazing soundtrack, kudos! Are there any more classic game OST remixes like this? (Not on OCR, I mean)
  9. I like the title of the project. So the 15th is when all of the tracks are due but when will be the day the project is released?
  10. Do you guys have any idea when this will be released?
  11. Do you guys think this will be finished by the 30th? If not then when will the next deadline be?
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