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  1. I think I like Part 2 even more than Part 1! I think the harmonies and the style are absolutely awesome.

    In the second half of this clip, there are parts where your chords are changing on the 2nd beats of measures. I would either change chords on the downbeats, or make this sound more intentional by accenting parts of the melody or chords until it meshes a bit more. Nothing wrong with doing things differently, but you want to make sure it comes off as "different" rather than "wrong", so really embrace your more creative ideas here.

    I was also a little disappointed to hear at the end of the clip that it sounds like it goes right back into aggressive guitar. I would love to hear more of this "intro to part 2" section, and I am a little concerned about the transitions both before and after this intro... I think I would really need to hear it all meshed together to judge accurately, though.

    Keep up the great work!

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