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  1. Love it. Gobble, Snarf, Snap is a great one -- I was pretty underwhelmed by the original "Phantom Train" song from the game. Like it's not bad, just... meh? XPRTNovice's take on it is just delightful though!
  2. I'm fascinated by your character arc from not even enjoying music to becoming a composer. Got to respect the Prelude! I'm guessing Ailsean contributed it as a FF7 remix, and that it's ReMixer's discretion how the track is classified? Or maybe they just wanted to file their first Final Fantasy ReMix under FF7 since it was such a landmark title. I used to spend a lot of time noodling with video game themes on the piano. I loved to start an arpeggio and see if I felt like turning it into "Prelude" or SM64's "Dire, Dire Docks" that day I'm also going to elevate Temple of Chaos here. FF1 was the most difficult game in the franchise for me to get through -- so many long dungeons with doors that went nowhere but more random encounters. :sigh: That song was the only thing that kept me going through to the end!
  3. Thanks, DarkeSword! It didn't even occur to me that this might be against any forum guidelines. Glad it wasn't!
  4. I mean, it's more original than "One-Winged Angel" (no disrespect to anyone who responds to this thread with One-Winged Angel) Honestly, I had to look up "Mako Reactor" just now to refresh my memory. I only played through FF7 once, and don't remember the track. Quality though! I ought to pick up the remake just to enjoy the soundtrack along with the battles again. 1000x for "Forever Rachel". The context is great for that one. Such a plucky male lead in Locke, and then they drop his traumatic back story on you. No spoilers and all, but that whole plot thread was a big part of FF6's narrative strength to me.
  5. Casting a wide net, I respect that! "Coin Song" isn't a personal favorite, but I love how you describe it. Music that takes you back to a time and place is the best. Hear the right tune, and you're immediately back with a lost loved one, or feeling the unending potential of youth, or wandering Viridian Forest looking for Pikachus. I may have ruined "Into the Darkness" for myself by listening to the "Relaxing with Final Fantasy Potion" albums about 1000 times while studying for exams. I feel you on FF8 too! Maybe because I never played that game, but none of the original tracks resonate strongly with me. But I love some of the orchestral arrangements that have been done, and also Ziwtra's Rain in Chicago ReMix.
  6. Wow, that takes me back. Entirely possible this was one of the first OCR tracks I ran into. Synth brass from those days has not aged well But, to quote djpretzel, the track still "fucking kicks ass". Agreed that there's such a wealth of great tracks from FF6. "Dancing Mad" has probably become my favorite of the franchise over time, especially after seeing and being in some awesome live performances of the piece. I get legit goosebumps from zircon's take in the FF6 OCR album, when he drops an ELP tribute in the middle of it. Also agreed about FF5's musical excellence and under-rated-ness. Although they lost some points for making learning the piano look a lot easier than it actually is.
  7. Love it! I'm also probably more familiar with the music than the actual games. I've played quite a few, but I know some tracks from VIII and X without ever playing either. I still think of it as the franchise that made game music matter. I haven't played XIII-2 or heard "Dash" before, but I'm glad you linked it here. Great track, and an awesome violin solo!
  8. Ah, the golden standard of FF character anthems. Such a simple melody, and you can do so much with it! Shout-out to both the Terra covers on the OCR FF6 album -- Jovette Rivera's "6th Kingdom" is so much fun, and it's awesome hearing a vgmusic cover like "Terra's Resolve" by someone with Chad Seiter's credentials.
  9. So true! I love a lot of the tracks from FF VII, but this is undoubtedly the one that "feels" like playing FF7 to me.
  10. Hi all! Looking for anybody who'd be interested in physical copies (CD's) of Final Fantasy OCR albums. I was thrilled to get a bunch of these when I backed the FF6 album KickStarter in 2012, but I've still got some extras that have been sitting in the closet since then. Would love to find them a new home! The albums in question: Final Fantasy: Random Encounter Final Fantasy IV: Echoes of Betrayal, Light, and Redemption Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin - some autographed by Zircon Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream I've got about 10 of each, and I'll start by giving away sets of all four. All albums are shrink-wrapped except the autographed ones. If you're interested, tell me your favorite Final Fantasy track and why, and I'll message you to work out shipping. I'll cover costs, just don't want people posting their addresses publicly. Edit: I'm closing this down, thanks to everyone who posted! It's been great chatting about some of our favorite tracks, and I'm glad to find a bunch of these discs a home.
  11. Sorry! I've been moving and have been off the site for a while — are you still looking for help with Tears of the Moon, and if so, what kind? Hope all is well.

  12. Are you, by chance, interested in helping with Tears of the Moon?

  13. Hello Moogle person :)

  14. Hey there Manga Person.

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