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  1. Mega Man 2 is the best one i think. Classic. I will definitely be getting this on my friend's wii so I can play through it. It's not a hard game; you just have to "learn" it. So it takes a little bit of time. Mega Man 2 Final Stage music is the SHIT. My favorite MM track out of any.
  2. I got the album last night off of iTunes. Crazy long post of speculation aside, after listening to the album, I'm digging it a lot. Definitely worth checking out. Personally, I don't think the samples do the tracks complete justice. I was very surprised with the musicianship, but then I checked out some of the dudes who are on the tracks, and it explained a lot. Don't think it's been out too long cause they haven't even updated the news on their website. ANYWAY... I enjoyed it....
  3. Now see what you all did? You made my thread awful! On a serious note though, I just e-mailed them about what they're doing about the licensing stuff.
  4. Hilarious... couldn't have summed it up any better.
  5. Ahh, the project director thing threw me off. I apologize for attack the leaders then. But I don't apologize to the people who actually did try and crap all over this album
  6. I'm using "judges" as a way to categorize all of the people that are moderators, project directors, or anything like that. I'm just talking about the people that are leaders on this site. Hence my quotes around judges... not meant to be taken literal by any means.
  7. Hmm...I don't think anybody at retro remix revue said anything about submitting their work to ocremix (or at least not that I have heard, and I started this post). So I don't know why everyone felt they needed to start acting like they're part of some super exclusive website that doesn't want any part of these tracks. I thought this was a community of people that would find something like this cool... and I think the majority of people would. So, why did the leaders of this site pretend that this was an official submission? The quickness to start bad-mouthing and the overall aloofness of the "judges" (whatever that means anyway) on this website comes across as insecurity mostly. What happened to the promotion of good music? These guys obviously put a lot of time and effort into this project, and it's just a shame to see the so-called leaders of this video game remix community, shit all over this cause it's the best shit to come out in awhile. As far as the licensing, I'm going to try to e-mail them myself and ask them what they are doing about that, but in all honesty, there's plenty of other game remix albums being sold out there. Not the first time a remix cd of any kind has been sold before...
  8. I'm pretty sure those are all like 30 second sample clips from longer tracks... except the mario world track, which seems to be the full thing... so as far as the solo in chemical plant zone being "too short" and not "varied" enough in the synths, you're only hearing a fraction of that track; very hard to judge both those things off that small of a clip. If you want it louder, turn your speakers up, and remember, streaming audio clips off of websites are very compressed... shouldn't be a problem when the album comes out. And I have to agree with OverCoat on the fact that too much alteration of the original source isn't always good; i'm happy to hear the tracks more as they were intended to sound instead of another fruity loops beat with me saying "i think i recognize the melody to that song." breath of fresh air if you ask me.
  9. Sorry about replying to my own post, but their new website launched and they have clips of all 12 tracks coming on the album. Website is upgraded too. check it out. i want the album already.
  10. Michael Manring didn't make my list cause although very good, stylistically I don't identify with him quite as much. He's one of those "solo" type bass players, meaning he plays by himself a lot and and does a lot of chordal stuff and so on. Impressive but like I said, I bore of that stuff fast. Victor Wooten is similar in that he does a lot of that "solo" bass stuff, however, Vic knows how to lay it down FAT in a band, and he's extremely versatile. He just goes slap happy all of the time cause his bass fan-boys scream for it. As far as the Retro Remix stuff, I'm not associated with it; I just happened to stumble across it lookin' around for new video game remix stuff and it sounded amazing. I was thinking about e-mailing them and see if they would tell me some more stuff about the album. I'm prayin' for some mario kart or some zelda...but I really want that chemical plant zone too. Oh ya, three fusion albums you should check out: Gary Willis - Bent Return To Forever - Romantic Warrior Greg Howe - Extraction That's a good variety of stuff... all amazing albums.
  11. I would use mario paint... ya....
  12. I mentioned this in another thread but conversation meandered off-topic very quickly... Just wanted to know if anyone had seen or heard about this yet? I'm curious to see what other tracks they are going to have on the album. UPDATE: The Retro Remix Revue album is out now. It sounds great. I got it off iTunes but you can also get it off Amazon...
  13. My buddy went to the Return To Forever reunion show that you saw... He said it was incredible and now I'm kicking myself for not trying harder to get tickets.
  14. What Return To Forever albums you like? i like: Theme To The Mothership Romantic Warrior Where Have I Known You?
  15. haha wow....this post is all over the place... I guess I kinda set myself up for this one.