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  1. All excellent recommendations! I'm not familiar with Adler's book, but I've heard good things about it. Personally, I use Kennan's "Technique of Orchestration".


    It's huge, the score and audio examples are great, but it's even more pricey. Take a look through the comments of reviews of both, and see what you think. However, for a quick, easy to read reference, I recommend the Essential Dictionary of Orchestration :


    It's quite small (I like to take it on long journeys), to the point, and while it does cover a lot of topics a few descriptions are on the vague side.

    You should have waited on buying the Rimsky-Korsakov though; there's a full, free and updated (with interactive score and audio examples!) available online. Several other great tutorials are available from the same site:


    Lastly, "Acoustic and MIDI orchestration for the contemporary composer" is a good starting point for beginners, or a companion. It contains a lot of useful and good information and techniques and how-to, starting with the traditional instruments and then moving onto sequencing them, but is of limited depth.


  2. Ha... ha...



    This is Microsoft we're talking about here, right?

    Yeah. If you want to make your point, make your point, but don't be smug about it and don't belittle the competition...

  3. You can do almost anything. Mix and match to your desire. Although beware, if you're using sounds from lots of different libraries, they may clash or may not be of the same quality. It's not a major problem but you may encounter it. I notice you're going for different products for different areas of the orchestra. It's down to personal preference, but I think this might be a bit costly- just get a single product for now. EWQLSO Gold is my favourite.

  4. I'm trhinking about the Vienna Symphonic Library instruments.

    VSL is good, if you can afford it. Alternative VSTs are Garritan Personal Orchestra and EWQL Symphonic Orchestra. Get these, they will be much more flexible. EWQL sounds better out the box, but can be hard to use and I've heard the new player is glitchy. GPO and VSL require some tweaking to get to the same "quality" (for want of a better word) because they're recorded dry.

  5. ... with the keyboard. I'm trying to explain this very basically, but I think I'm failing.

    You can use the keyboard to play notes and you should hear the corresponding sounds coming from the VST. If you want to set it up so that you don't have to replay everything again, you can use the Piano Roll. The best way to understand is to try it out.

  6. You can say they did everything they could to discourage piracy, but what does that really entail? Just posting "Please don't pirate the game" on their website?


    Yeah, ok.

    The ]EE[ people stated on their site (and others) their intentions (not to promote piracy, going as far as to actively ban users who talked about it, and to promote Nintendo games and products) and their wishes to be as by-the-book as possible.

    Kind of overlooked something there bro.

    the original soundtracks and source tunes which OverClocked ReMixes are based on are copyrighted material. We are not out to infringe on the copyright owner's rights by making money off of their content. We are a fan site, and all material on OC ReMix is freely available and contains information on the source tune's game origin and composer (if available). The ads and merchandise on this site go only to pay for bandwidth, hosting, and other administrative costs. We are a not-for-profit web site established to honor the video game industry, not detract from it. We at OC ReMix encourage users to buy professionally released video game music soundtracks to support game music.

  7. What's your point? Are you trying to get everyone here to be all indignant about it? It's not the same as what we do here at OCR. We don't use copyrighted media in our mixes. We frown on sampling and we promote the purchase of game soundtracks. We take a hardline stance against piracy here.

    A texture mod inherently promotes piracy and/or infringement. You can't use the mod without getting an ISO of the game and you can't play an ISO of the game without modding your Wii; and let's be perfectly clear here: the majority of people out there that use a modified Wii run pirated software. The people who mod their Wiis for noble intentions are few and far between. Average joe sees this mod and says, "hey I wanna do that," so he does the research and figures out how to run ISOs on his Wii. Then he figures "hey i can run ISOs on my Wii, why bother buying any games anymore?" It's a no-brainer. You can say they did everything they could to discourage piracy, but what does that really entail? Just posting "Please don't pirate the game" on their website?

    Which is why a lot of fan-made projects are killed. Because everything involving something else already made is of course, piracy.

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