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  1. All excellent recommendations! I'm not familiar with Adler's book, but I've heard good things about it. Personally, I use Kennan's "Technique of Orchestration". http://www.amazon.com/Technique-Orchestration-Recording-Package-6th/dp/0130771619/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1288896005&sr=1-3 It's huge, the score and audio examples are great, but it's even more pricey. Take a look through the comments of reviews of both, and see what you think. However, for a quick, easy to read reference, I recommend the Essential Dictionary of Orchestration : http://www.amazon.com/Essential-Dic
  2. It's a software issue with Kompakt player. It seems to happen if you have above 2GB of RAM. An update available from the website for EWQL solves the problem. https://www.soundsonline.com/support/index.php?_m=downloads&_a=view&parentcategoryid=12&pcid=0&nav=0 Gold software update 1.08.003. The sound not playing is a different issue and I'm afraid I can't help you there.
  3. Hello Overcoat, I noticed you were involved with Katawa Shoujo a long time ago. If you're still interested, we've just released Act 1. Please enjoy it.


  4. Ahh, I remember this mod. I haven't played it in a while due to seemingly always empty servers, but I guess I might have another look. Here's to hoping they don't get taken down by an overzealous legal team. Also Audix, the friend function on Steam doesn't seem to find the ID you posted. Are you sure that's right?
  5. It won't quite be the same, perhaps.
  6. We've given you information and our opinions, but now it's up to you to go and decide which product you want. My inkling would be to go for EWQLSO Gold, although that would mean you'd have to find another $300 somewhere. But as I said, it's your choice...
  7. Merry Christmas. Jeremy Soule posted a christmas blog earlier, it made a great read
  8. Jolly good show. Congratulations! Winston Churchill haunts us with his fertility.* *bonus points to however knows where that's from
  9. Blue123

    Windows 7

    Yeah. If you want to make your point, make your point, but don't be smug about it and don't belittle the competition...
  10. You can do almost anything. Mix and match to your desire. Although beware, if you're using sounds from lots of different libraries, they may clash or may not be of the same quality. It's not a major problem but you may encounter it. I notice you're going for different products for different areas of the orchestra. It's down to personal preference, but I think this might be a bit costly- just get a single product for now. EWQLSO Gold is my favourite.
  11. Yes. ... you know how to use FL Studio, right?
  12. VSL is good, if you can afford it. Alternative VSTs are Garritan Personal Orchestra and EWQL Symphonic Orchestra. Get these, they will be much more flexible. EWQL sounds better out the box, but can be hard to use and I've heard the new player is glitchy. GPO and VSL require some tweaking to get to the same "quality" (for want of a better word) because they're recorded dry.
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