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  1. This contest closes April 11! Make sure if you're getting your entries in to get them in before the closing date!
  2. Let's spice it up now, because there's actually a contest going on right now to remix a specific song from the game for prizes. Info can be found here: http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/59680292275fb2ed5743d0fea14fd3d96dd992f7 and here: http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/283332 Original song can be found here: Go and win prizes! And make music!
  3. Let's take a seat, children, and discuss the severe lack of FFXIV music on OCRemix.org Now, some will argue "90% of the music from this game is just remixed versions of previous games", to which I would say "Well what about the 10% that isn't?" Personally, I'd like to see some alternate takes on the different Primal Battles. Shiva with pixietricks? Yes please. Titan ala NekoFrog? Take my money! Answers Dragonsong War Any of the specific dungeon themes, as there's generally FOUR songs per dungeon (Background music, Background music during a fight, fi
  4. Tim Follin should be a pretty common name to you all by now, and yet I'm almost disturbed that there is no remix for the Solstice (NES) intro song. 3:04 of pure adrenaline, scales that would sound remarkable when played by an OCRemixer. I would LOVE to hear a remix performed for this song. Thanks again, HUGE fan of the rock remixes, ~Chase p.s. If any of you are confused on the song, youtube "NES Solstice OP". I would put the video here, but I guess I'm just stupid and not sure how to do so.
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