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  1. It's in the judging process. So it has to pass evaluation in several key areas. We are not sure how long it will take, but they know our release goal is this year. Any tracks you're particularly looking forward to?
  2. That's a tough one to improve on. Actually.. we felt that way about Last Battle.. some tracks are just perfect. We attempted Last Battle anyway
  3. DFW our project director is in the direct path of Hurricane Florence, although thankfully he does not live on the coast. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.. Rot and I are very worried for his safety and the preservation of his property. DFW has put a gargantuan amount of hours into this along with the rest of us, and I've seen his incredible family on Skype during our chats and joking around. They are in dire need of protection at this time. Please be safe DFW, and return with everything intact.. we're all thinking of you.
  4. Well I keep trying to bribe you with free posters but unfortunately, that doesn't create more time. It's up to you! My recommendation is to focus on your track since it is insanely ambitious, and well.. let me PM you. Still need help with this, folks! Thanks.
  5. I think it needs to be a pretty robust translation, with all the parts. If you're able to do that, it would help us immensely. If not, no worries, we'll keep looking.
  6. We have an urgent request for a track to be converted to MIDI format for an artist. The track is Gilder's Theme: Arcadia Legends is the project, an official OCRemix album. We are in fact almost done and aiming for a 2018 submission to OCR! You will be credited in some form on the album website, thank you!
  7. Modus

    Random life advice?

    I only read the title but I already know that yes, you should dump her.
  8. It seems today that FFXII on Steam was released as a re-master. There's a very interesting feature where you can choose between the original BGM or the re-orchestrated BGM. Before I begin my first playthrough ever, which should I choose for the best experience? I've never played FFXII before and music is the main reason I love FF. (I still play Theatrhythm to this day.) Edit: I've found a comparison on YouTube:
  9. Maybe you could take some inspiration from Dark Souls with this one? This request is for an OCRemix album, "Arcadia Legends" which you can find in the Projects forum. There's a panel of two Judges that are screening tracks for final submission. Just be wary of that before taking up the request :]
  10. Could we please get some artists to work with Jorito on this? He has a proven track record with collaborations. We're only 5 tracks away from all tracks being committed. Please, we need a final push for this album. If you lack interest for the source material, hit me up on Skype and I'll convince you it's one of the greatest hidden gems ever :] Again, link to source material: Delphinus - Skies of Arcadia
  11. The Arcadia Legends album is rounding the corner as far as completion. We've got contributions from djpreztel, OA, zykO, and now guifrog has expressed interest. But we don't have a large collaboration track. This game is obscure (criminally) but the whole POINT is that a band of pirates team together the world over, in order to save it from the Valuan Empire. The very heart and soul of this game is collaborative. From the beginning, we've wanted Delphinus to be that track, The Delphinus is the heroes' high-tech, stolen supership. Yeah this game is sounding like a hidden masterpiece or something, right? Take a listen and please start posting here so that we can get a collaboration going: Delphinus - Skies of Arcadia
  12. Modus

    Super Mario Run

    Very surprised at how much fun I'm having with this. The vaulting over enemies mechanic was a superb design decision. It's so against classic Mario, but so fun to vault over then launch a koopa forward. Yeah.. this is in my top three mobile games ever. My personal list is now Galactic Reign for Windows Phone, Super Mario Run, and Final Fantasy Mobius. If you want to add me as a friend in the game, my code is 6909-1308-1501.
  13. Modus

    The Great Solar Eclipse of 2017

  14. Modus

    Soundcloud's Possible Collapse

    Not really happy. I researched every premium music service about a month ago (iTunes, Spotify, YouTube Red, etc.) and landed on Soundcloud Go. I felt it had the most value for the music I listen to. Guess that's out the door, and popular opinion is turning against SoundCloud for some reason. So now I plan to go to Bandcamp because their mobile app is really well done.