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  1. This was such a fun game from my childhood and this track in particular is so strange and catchy. I would just love to hear it some sort of updated form. I also love the original composer's comment about this track. He contracted some sort of stomach flu while making this one, hence the queasy synths. It's a dark, trippy electronic track that has a bright "relief" middle section. Just love it.
  2. That article should say Final Fantasy XI and not XIV. Anyway, this guy deeply inspired other MMOs and his influence on my life is truly massive. I have nothing but gratitude and respect for his work. Thank you, Brad.
  3. I love this one. I feel if there were an official remake of Skies, we would be hearing stuff just like this. Cinematic as all get out and retains the electronic elements.
  4. So this is a mobile game, and I think.. it's in my top 3 RPG OSTs. The game itself is my second favorite mobile game. It really shows what mobile can be when console-style effort is behind it. Unfortunately, it fell to some repetitive gameplay choices, but I still have very fond memories of the cooperative battles. And man, the music is so beautiful. Enjoying anything from this OST in a different way would bring joy to my heart.
  5. Hey Utopia, they are totally the focus as well and I urge you to spread the word about accessing the bonus tracks You can thank DarkFlameWolf, the Director, for getting those included because I was pushing to have them out. The story behind Joe Jonker's Ramirez track is that the OCR Judges were pre-judging all of our tracks and had indicated some minor issues, but Joe insisted his version was exactly as he intended. At an impasse, we had to find another artist. I had been following Joe for years, and I highly encourage you to check out his 'Known to be Lethal' work.
  6. Well, I gave Guifrog "Biolizard" from Sonic Adventure 2 as a reference because, as he hinted, I felt it had that 'psychological confusion' aspect. That ended up combining with his penchant for upbeat vibes. Being a massive fan of Guifrog's work and who he is as a person, just someone who has been through struggles and finds joy and reprieve in his creative work.. I was uplifted and amazed with what he came up with. Gui is one of those artists I hope to meet some day. There's just something really kind-hearted and honest about him. Thanks so much Gui for being a part of this.
  7. Truly, a dark haze has descended upon our hearts, minds, and spirits. Let's rejoice!
  8. First he insults us, then he refuses to take our wives. I really can't believe this. (Welcome back man. It' ok, just do better, feel good about yourself and where you're headed. You're destined for great things.)
  9. All credit goes to Kylok for really nailing his concept and execution. The remix is greatly enhanced by playing Skies, walking through Valua, experiencing the heavy poverty, and the NPCs telling stories of loss. It's such an iconic segment of the game.
  10. Thanks for having me on this journey. It's literally a dream realized. It was every bit as hard as I thought it would be, plus a little extra (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ @Levi04 I will seed when I get back home.
  11. I actually like this better than the source. Military Facility Dungeon is one of those universally-popular tracks from the original OST, along with Ixa'Taka, but it's also one of the more quagmire-ish dungeons, so you hear this on loop for.. um, a while. This digests so smoothly, and it's really emotive and.. well, beautiful. The viola front and center is courageous and pays off. It owns the stage and dances with the lead synth. I just love the expressiveness, and its tinge of melancholy. And that's why I recommend The Milk-Fudge Donut.
  12. @Deedubs All your contributions are personal favorites of mine. Furthermore, for some reason.. Silver Crystal resonates with me in a special way. The chill Ice Dungeon-esque vibes evoke images of Fina. You basically brought an excluded OST track back into the mix through a different source. I love that.
  13. @RebeccaETripp delicately expresses the latent, untapped hope of Esperanza, before Vyse and crew arrived. As an expression of 'hope,' Rebecca conveys the spirit of the downtrodden drunkard in Esperanza's bar: down, out, but holding out to feel the vigor of life once again. We intentionally kept this one on the quieter side during mastering, Rebecca. It's such a nice little reprieve in the middle of the album
  14. @Mr. Hu Thank you, that was a such a treat for the staff to read I feel encouraged to come out of my shell and share my personal favorites by disc. Disc 1 Blue Skies, Pirate Surprise by OceansAndrew This was the track that @Rotten Eggplant auditioned with, by mastering OA's track, and he killed it. The positive vibes of SoA are all captured here. Fun-loving rogues just, you know, risking their lives robbing empire ships, possibly causing harm to innocents See, but that's the cynic in me that took hold over the years, as mentioned by @Darkflamewolf in his introduction to the album. SoA never fails to bring me back to youthful ways of thinking, a cartoonish and fear-free view of the world. Disc 2 Undervalued by Kylok You can hear the valve of the saxes moving in this one. It's one of the most physical, real tracks I've ever heard. Early on when I heard the WIP of this, I magnetized to it. I became defensive of its development and in fact, since the judges were giving us preliminary feedback, this track instigated the one and only time, through 36 tracks, I said 'no, I don't agree with this proposed change. I think the distorted background beat should remain fairly loud.' We did lower it a bit, but not by much. It gave the track its balls and grit, while the somber sax lead pierces your soul. It's a reserved expression of the every-day grief we feel as part of the human condition, which we don't always like to bring out in front of people. This song just.. connects. @Mr. Hu I was delighted to hear that it resonated with another fan. To the Horizon, I'm so sorry you had to be matched up against this in a disc-by-disc comparison. You are equally amazing. Disc 3 Shining Silver by Sam Dillard This source has special meaning to any SoA fan. This is the king of the cinematic pieces in Arcadia Legends. Not because it's better than the others, but because it sounds authoritative.. it rules over the listener and demands attention, taking us on a cinematic journey fit for the big screens. This is how we remember SoA, as a cinematic, continent-spanning experience, wrapped in danger, despair, good vibes and relentless curiosity.
  15. I love this track because the source shines through so vividly. The burst of energy at the beginning, then a 'settling in' as it gradually builds to a nostalgia-shattering finale. On the subject of Deedubs, the question on all our minds was something to the effect of "who is this guy?" I was seriously wondering if he's some well-known producer under an alias because of his quality of work, collaborative spirit, and diverse approach, resulting in success after success.
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