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  1. I created a Daft Punk station on Pandora yesterday and who should pop up while I'm at work today? Zircon! It is quite awesome that a member of our community is being held up right next to Daft Punk, et. al.
  2. Listen, Hittori. There are at least a dozen of these 'lol, I'm a n00b unwilling to look for any info by myself'-type posts on here. Poke around before you ask anymore. All the questions you've gotten more specific about have been discussed, and at length, in other sections of the forum. I'm new myself, and the first thing you need to learn is that its better to lurk and learn than to open your mouth and clutter the forum with useless topics. So, my advice: 1.) read everything in the Guides and Tutorials section. Then read it again. 2.) Download Reaper (see the Guides and Tutorials) 3.) pick up a keyboard with MIDI functionality from a thrift store or garage sale - don't spend money until you know you want to do this 3.5) you'll almost certainly need to get a MIDI to USB convertor to interface properly 4.) try and create something EXTREMELY SIMPLE at first, then work into the harder things Once you've gotten a basic understanding, then you'll know what questions are valuable and deserve answers. In closing, I hope you aren't offended by my harsh words, but it seems that you have put little effort forward up to this point - and really what does that say about your ability to succeed in something requiring significant amounts of work to produce a good product? However, the fact that you are seeking to be spoon-fed info at least shows a desire to learn, and that is the first step. Lurk-n-Learn™ /wall-o-text
  3. I'm curious: what servers do you all typically play on when the OCR server isn't up and running? Also, I'm a medic - look for me in game as Dr. Rogers (steamname: rogersj3).
  4. Thank you for the responses everyone. Kanthos: Yes, I can see that I am receiving MIDI data inside of FL Studio and Reaper. I'm downloading the standalone synth you recommended right now, will update when that is finished. As for none of the instruments being set to receive MIDI, I'm not sure how to check what you are referring to, other than the final screenshot I posted anyway. I can use my rgular typing keyboard to play (and hear) sound in FL so it isn't an audio config issue. Blue123: I think you are correct in suspecting my input options, however (as Kanthos said) I'm not connecting via USB - I'm plugged directly into the MIDI IN/OUT sockets of my soundcard. Zephyr~: Turning the keyboard on before starting FL was one of the things I'd already tried, to no avail. Anyone else have any ideas?
  5. Hey all, hopefully you can be of some assistance. I'm really frustrated right now - I just wasted the better part of five hours trying to get an initial installation of FL Studio 8 (the demo version) working with my keyboard to no avail. In disgust I decided to mess with a project in Reaper for a bit before going to bed, only to find that I was now having the same issues with Reaper as well. Problem: MIDI appears to be correctly configured, data lights are visible in both programs when I play the keyboard, and yet, no sound. Set Up: Custom 2.6 GHz AMD (FX-60, a duel core proc.), 2 GB RAM, 8800 GTS, Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty edition (with the 5.25" Drive bay module). Keyboard: Casio CTK - 631 MIDI settings: "GM Mode" is on, "keyboard channel" is 1, the rest are at their defaults and I don't believe affect this anyway. Connection: Directly to X-fi card through MIDI cables - keyboard's out to X-fi's in and vice versa. FL Configuration: |Options > MIDI Settings| Nothing changed in the output area. Input is "SB X-Fi MIDI Port [bC00] ____ Generic Controller _____ Active" with "auto accept detected controller" and "support hold and sustenato" both checked. |Options > Audio| Input / Output - I've selected Creative ASIO as my audio device, at 44100 Hz, Int32LSB, 9x2 outputs, 11x2 outputs available. I have my buffer length set at 88 samples, which for me is 2 ms. Priority is set to highest. Interpolation is set to 6 point hermite. Here are the options I get when I try to assign a track to an input / output: I am new to Fruity Loops, but I did manage to use this keyboard with FL7 about a year ago. Kinda let the hobby fall to the wayside, but have recently become inspired to get back into the game. If there are some settings you need to see that I didn't mention, ask away and I'll post them. Thank you all for any help you can provide! Helo
  6. May I recommend you check out the radio show "Echoes." They also have a podcast of interviews/concerts with musicians on iTunes. Everything they play on that show is exactly what you are describing.
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