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  2. It's absolutely crazy when I've been listening to an artist's music on YouTube and then I see some of their remix work end up over here on the good ol' OC. Fantastic job from Aviators as always! Keep up the awesome!
  3. I've been wondering that myself. First off, I would just like to say that I absolutely love this entire album. Hands down the best album OCR has ever put out in terms of quality, consistency, and tone. Everything just works for me personally. That said, I was extremely surprised by disc 5. I normally have a bad tendency to skip past the bonus tracks, assuming that they were passed over for a specific reason. Which is why, when I listened to the whole thing, I was so flipping surprised. Each track on the bonus disc works absolutely brilliantly; Omen is a four-part opus that was friggin' cool, and every other track made me all warm and fuzzy inside. Special mention needs to be made for The 6th Kingdom. I have always been a fan of Jovette Rivera's work, and hearing this track in the background when OCR originally reannounced the Kickstarter had me all kinds of pumped. This track stuffs all this awesome electronica and guitar and orchestra and so much other stuff that for all intents and purposes should not necessarily fit cohesively... and yet I cannot for the life of me stop rocking out to it. I really hope it makes it onto the website; people need to hear that mix. I think later on I'll give a full album review, but we shall see.
  4. I absolutely love this song. I've never played the game or even heard of it before tonight, but I'm loving the gothic and creepy vibes that are coming off this, and I am always a fan of well-executed orchestra. These types of arrangements were what really made me sit up and get into OCR back in the day. Keep up the fine work, Jaka!
  5. Maybe I'm just an emotional guy, but there are more than a few games that made me cry. The most prevalent one was definitely Kingdom Hearts; I put so many hours into that first game and the ending was so beautiful I just teared up. I also got fairly emotional with the ending of FFX. Yeah, I know a lot of people can't stand the story or how whiny Tidus was, etc etc, but (after pretending FFX-2 doesn't exist) the ending again just fits so well with the characters.
  6. Mikeaudio strikes again! I absolutely loved your debut mix and then when I started listening to this... wow. I mean, the chiptune stuff was completely deceiving, and then it hit me hard with the guitars and drums and I could not stop grinning. This is fantastic, nice work man!
  7. I've tremendously enjoyed the entire DKC3 album in its entirety, but this song has been continually stuck in my head and I cannot stop listening to it. This, and The Paper Chase. This song is just so unbelievably awesome and epic and it makes me want to break into awesome dancing which I can't do because my dancing is... well, yeah. This is probably one of my favorite Sole Signal songs so far! Keep up the great work, Greg!
  8. I never thought I'd be saying this again... but this project... Its so enticing, I'm gonna try my hand at arranging Temple of Time. One of my all-time favorite Zelda songs... I'll be sending my audition along soon, although I will definitely say that both samples and production may hold me back slightly... Hopefully that won't be too much of an issue to work past.
  9. I really must say, this shouldn't have surprised me in the least, but... every single track on this album is amazing and awesome and epic in its own right. No joke. I work as a sign holder, and listen to music to keep me all happy and interested. I let this entire album play through my shift... and there was not a single track I wanted to skip. To Jade, bLiNd, and everyone on the project... fantastic job. I have no words... this is way too awesome...
  10. For those subscribed to OCR's YouTube channel... THE TRAILER IS LIVE!
  11. Those aren't necessarily the ones going to be posted on the front page first; in fact, there are more than likely numerous other tracks that will be direct-posted when the album is released. Just saying.
  12. ... I prefer the term annihilate. It sounds so much more... appropriate.
  13. Bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-BUMPER BREAKER! Six more reviews added to mine from this morning! (Y'know... like combo breaker? Oh, never mind... )
  14. I have probably overused the word fantastic far too much, but that does not mean that I cannot say that this track is FREAKIN' FANTASTIC! Because of the awesomeness of this, I went and listened to The Binding of Isaac soundtrack... and eventually got the full Indie Game Music Bundle But seriously, this just reeks of quality. The dubstep bits are well executed, the synths are on the mark (I especially like the intro bit with the echo through the speakers), and this always makes me tap my foot every time I hear it. Pure. Awesome. For the win.
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