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  1. Some of this is kind of hit and miss with me. Specifically, when I heard the Bramble remix, I was a tad disappointed, but I was a fan of most after that. The percussion when the melody came in in Life in Mudhole Marsh felt really weird at first, but it grew on me I suppose. Looking forward to more.
  2. I'd like to see you expand on this, personally. At first hearing those vocals threw me, but I like where they went, it fit pretty well. Vocals seemed a bit strong in parts compared to the music, but still pretty nice.
  3. +1 Support for this remix. Over the Wind is a seriously epic song, and I like the idea of a jazz remix, really hope someone decides to do it.
  4. There's far too few Wild ARMs remixes around, and I'm surprised there's not a single remix on this site for Wild ARMs 3. The Wild ARMs 3 soundtrack provides a great variety of music, with capabilities for remixes in a wide range of styles, specifically jazz, ambient, rock, and some good ol' upbeat techno. I'm a major fan of Michiko Naruke's compositions and would love to see some quality remixes up on this site. A few songs in particular I felt had good potential for remixes are: And if there was ever a need for a fanfare, A Party So Long As the Stars Exist would fit in
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