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  1. thank you for your reply on my music, I must say though by elements do you mean another instrument or an attempt at somthing that isn't technically in the original song, I was aiming for a complete Counter-point based song just like the original but updated with orchestrated instraments.
  2. I'm more into old school DnB and Glitch, It's not bad just dosen't feel Castlevania for me though then again anything thats been Techno/Electronica in ACTUAL Castlevania games isn't very good. I didn't mind the acoustic part kinda reminds me of a Super Mario mix on the site you should look it up XD it's not bad just one oppion on the other side of the chain.
  3. http://www.vampirefreaks.com/kennethtraisebelmont Clcokwork and Vampire Killer are covers from Castlevania the rest are all originally composed by me.
  4. In the judges panel my Vampire Killer was told to be high well "to" high in reverb. Other things to such as I don't make a harpsichord sound like a harpsichord. I feel as a musician you can sound havever you want with whatever you want expecially with computers BUT this dosen't de-nounce (wonder if thats a correct term) Musical Edicate and one shouldn't think just a bleep and blop here and there is true music. Anyhow here is a link http://www.vampirefreaks.com/kennethtraisebelmont The belmont is rather a pun for my style and covers. Feel free to listen to all my original works but "Clockwork" is what I want judged befor entering it. Also I would like to say thank to the judges not saying anything about the music being horrible or un-important. Rather just pointed out that this that and the bag of chips was missing the air inside so it's gone stale. They also instructed me to come here so I may be pre-judged.
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