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    You guys may not realize it but people like me, really, really rely on this to help us get through life. I couldn't really explain how much this has impacted my life. And how much I really rely on this. Thank you!!!
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    I have been listening to OC remix since about 2005, and I have loved every second of music I've heard. the last time I torrented the full list of remixes, there were only roughly 1400 songs in the main list not including the albums. With the albums included I think came out to about 1500 to 1600 songs. Now I come back in 2013 to find 2,599 remixes. I have to say that this is truly amazing. I have yet to actually meet someone that loves OC remix as much as I or video game music in general. However, with so many new songs, I see that the community has grown drastically. Please keep doing what yo
  3. LAX by Xzibit anyone. This song doesn't remind you of that. Im not knocking this song. I like it alot. But this song sounds identical to that one. My wife was the one that picked up on Destiny's Child. I agree with everyone that it sounds like Destiny's Child. Good song.
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