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    My name is Adam, and I'm a co-host of a video game podcast called "Welcome to the GOO," which stands for "Gamers Only Older." I've been coming to ocremix.org for several years, but have never contributed anything before. I'm looking forward to being on this site on a more regular basis.
    Also, I am an alumni Sinfonian from the Xi-Pi chapter at UW-Whitewater, for any others on this site.
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  1. Hi all! I've been a lurker on OCR for several years now. The first song I downloaded was "Mega Man 3 BlueLightning" by Disco Dan, and I've been checking it out periodically ever since. I was never an active member of the community, but now for some reason I feel like it's finally the time to join up. I've tried my hand at a couple of remixing projects in the past, but they've never really turned out well. In fact, they were pretty terrible. But I still love listening to the good ones, which thankfully are plentiful on OCR. I'm currently a co-host on a video game podcast called "Gamers Only Older" or "Welcome to the Goo." I'm definitely an RPG junkie, especially Final Fantasy and the Chronos.