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    An average teen, interested in music, and I seem to have a talent for it. I play the euphonium, or, baritone(mini tuba).
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  1. Okay, I thought Conficker got ahold of here too.
  2. http://www.wikiupload.com/download_page.php?id=108961
  3. Ok, thank you very very VERY much Harmony.
  4. I'm veeeery new at editing sounds(My first time). Umm, how do you add effects and delete the Jeu 2 files? If there's a guide out there somewhere, please just direct me to that.
  5. OK, right on it. Thought you were talking about Vienna not Viena:<
  6. Here, I just uploaded it, I'll give you guys a link to it to see its powers in action Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?xhnddmy5yzh Zircon, I'm going to be composing by midi, then using SynthFont to play my midi using this Soundfont.
  7. Thanks for the replies, but I'm not talking about compressing for storage... I just ordered 1GB of ddr sdram. Also, I'm making a GM bank, it's already about 810MB in size without the harpsichord, is there a cap on how big it can be? I'm not nearly done tinkering with it. Thanks.
  8. Grr... I did the Ogg thingy and it's still the same size when in sf2 format. And, I already tried to download vienna but when I started it, it said something along the terms: "can not find soundfont compatible hardware."
  9. Ok, thanks guys. Unfortunately, I have the el cheapo soundcard(SoundMAX) so i can't edit sf2 files. I have 512MB of RAM, buying another 1GB stick. Also, where did you get that 2Gig pack for $20?????
  10. Is it possible to compress a sf2 file but not reduce the quality, while still making it playable? Because I found this wonderful Harpsichord sf2, but it is 170MB:shock: Thank you.
  11. One of them has a Spanish Guitar!!! =D heres the URL: http://www.alexanderblu.com/AlexanderBlu/Download/download.htm
  12. ARGGHHHH I'M SOOO FRUSTERATED!!! Please help me... it's not that simple! How do I get another reg key? They don't leave any phone number or email, just the forums, which the staff doesn't check often. But thanks for trying.
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