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  1. 'Heh...Not another Wily mix' That was my first thought about this when I saw it. But then I said, ah whatever, an orchestrated mix might be worth it, I'll go ahead and give it a shot....Glad I did. Out of all the wily mixes I've heard on OCR, I believe that was one of the more epic ones...Although, I do agree that it is a bit on the short side... 1:38 is a tease when it comes to a good song, and it certainly feels like this mix is capable of lasting a bit longer. And then also, I feel like it might come on a bit too strong at the start, almost like it should start with a more basic, soft kind of start before leading up into the full fanfare. And it seems like even after you did go into the fanfare, you suddenly dropped for half the song...To me, so many breaks like that betrayed the initial beat that you seemed to have set for the song. And although it at first seemed like it was going to make up for to make up for the interludes at 1:10, it suddenly dropped off into the end of the song... So all in all it's a great thing you got going, though length, and the amount of interludes seems to throw it off a bit in my opinion.