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  1. I don't think I can finish a song this time. I have finals next week, so I probably won't be able to put together a song unless it was extended another week. I will still vote of course, best of luck to everyone this round.
  2. Those numbers confuse me. The odds seem to add up way past 100% and some people have greater than 100% odds.
  3. Well, this was more of a remake version for people that may possibly be interested in hearing Sinister Sundown with better synths and different articulations. More of a personal experiment I guess because I am having trouble balancing certain pieces, and I decided to do something less original to learn about proper instrument positions and etc. If you want to hear an arrangement, I have this: http://files.filefront.com/Dr+Wily+Symphonicmp3/;11922864;/fileinfo.html <-- completely different song I felt that it was way too bright and that articulations could have been a lot better. I know
  4. In an attempt to refine my orchestral techniques, I decided to remake Sinister Sundown from KHII. Now it's a REMAKE not a REMIX, at least in this phase of the project... I may consider making it a remix later on, but for now it's just a remake. I mainly practiced more on balance and articulations for this piece, instead of just forcefully trying to get a sound out of my VSTs. Overall the version is as conservative as it can possibly get, as all the instruments are pretty much the same. I did not know what kind of synths Shimomura used for the background and timbre, so I just used somethin
  5. It's really nice despite how some parts sound unnatural. It's really a shame how you chose to do it small ensemble, because it could easily be done in a large orchestra too. Then again, it does shift to a somewhat fuller orchestra toward the end... Overall, it's very good, but it seems it's lacking a strong bass presence in some certain sections. Especially toward the full ensemble section, it sounds great, but seems to be really lacking bass. The timpani sounds like it's struggling to be heard against the orchestra. Yeah, but don't stress too much that you cannot achieve perfect realism
  6. It sounds really different from the original, so I bet you could make it into a remix if you want. It's pretty good!
  7. I don't want to lose the round that's based off my own alias. : (
  8. Hehe, sounds very much like my alias. The funny thing is I've haven't wrote any nocturnes before, so this will be most interesting.
  9. Lol, audio results were funny. It's like a CMC commercial! Just a side note though, I had trouble recognizing this CMC at first because it was written as "CMC" instead of "Conceptual Music Competition" as you did in the past. I think it stands out more in the forum with that longer name and it gets more easily recognized, since everyone else uses 3 letter abbreviations.
  10. 1. Yes, sometimes useful, sometimes not, because most of the work I do is orchestral and there are not a lot of resources for my style of remixing. 2. Criticism, nitpicking, and of course encouragement. If I only get criticism, then it gets depressing, having a mix of encouragement plus thoughtful criticism is what is like. Although, it's really difficult to find help on HOW to fix things, because the more I listen to my own songs, the more mistakes I notice. Like I can often hear "something sounds funny at 1:42," although it's a critic, the problem is I don't know whether he means the bal
  11. Well, it wasn't done!! So don't say it's too short. 2:49 seems like a good enough length, so I consider it long enough now. Hopefully most if not all the problems are fixed. Now I consider it completely done, unless someone finds something wrong with a certain section. I really don't want to do any major edits though. The major changes made in this version is that I doubled certain parts that were too quiet, I changed the key from C minor to B minor (which I think fixed some balance issues and made bass better), and of course I added an original section and did a semi-repeat. The origin
  12. Well, it's okay. I'm over it now, so hopefully I get my vote in soon.
  13. No comment, you really have offended me. @Abadoss: Do you think I could switch out that song for the alternate song I was going to submit?
  14. Just because I use a 1,2,3,5 double octave arpeggio does not mean I'm trying to rip off the crystal theme from FF... but then because it's so famous no one can get away with using it nowadays. It's not exactly the same as that progression either, I used a 1,2,3,5,6 and other variations so it's very different from the crystal theme's use of it. Plus I have entered as many times as you have, so I don't know why you would even think I would submit something from FF claiming I did it.
  15. I wouldn't let you win by default anyways. But that very first match was pretty close.
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