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  1. is this still group still active? If so I'd like to join up. I had fun the last time a D2 group was formed on OCR. Account name is Kind_Of_Blue and I'm on the USEast server.
  2. It's Absynth 5 full version Yeah I've been doing that and usually that's how I figure things out however it only wokrs for me that way when I have some prior knowledge or can make sense of what I'm doing. For instance I have no idea what an LFO is or what it does, that's how green I am. I think some Synth 101 is required first. I agree that posting questions helps the community out a lot more as I've found a lot of answers through other people's posts. I was trying to avoid any more arguments over which is the proper way to go about things as both sides hold valid points. Also I think that I my topic may have been a bit misleading. I was trying to put a name on the sound that I was hearing but the only example I could think of is Silent Hill. I am looking for something like a background synth sound that isn't distorted to the point of unpleasantness or static. I want something that's... deep, I guess you could say, when you listen to it and sits in the background like a bed. In the examples I picked they all had the same sort synth to it. My plans are going to be to have a jazz, funk, hip-hop fusion rhythm section with some synth in the background, like a bed, and then I'll blow over the top of it. I got the inspiration from this album. I think as I get more involved with synths then I'll start incorporating more of it into the music, but right now I'm trying to keep it simple.
  3. umm...wow. I left the thread thinking that it was resolved and came back today curious if anyone might have added something. I didn't mean to create such a heated debate. As I said before I'm new to the idea of electronic music or even creating music with DAW. After my previous project I was under the impression that free was not as good as payed but I was also working with orchestral instrument samples (Violins, Horns, etc.). I didn't realize that synths were a different story. Anyways I ended up getting Absynth and I don't know what the hell I'm doing with it other than click to load sound. I'm not saying it's a bad purchase, I just need to get my learn on and figure shit out. I'll search around on the forum for any threads about processing sounds and see if the internets has any tutorials or anything useful. If I don't find anything I'll post a new thread as I think this one is done and the topic has now changed. If anyone would like to PM me about how to go about processing sound, please do as I am more than willing to learn about it and any helpful info is appreciated. I'll try to PM CotMM about the issue as well. Thanks everyone!
  4. Thanks for the information guys; now I know where to start. I'll check out Omnisphere so I can hear the demos and torture myself with what I could have if I had money. The Absynth products sounds like the best bet for a beginner like me, especially since I don't know how far I'll go with this new idea of mine and it could be a one and done. appreciate the help!
  5. I need help finding soothing ambient and/or synth pads that are similar to Akira Yamaoka's Silent Hill music (examples: Breeze ~ In Monochrome Night - 1:05 and ) or like Sota Fujimori's . Anyone have any ideas on where to get quality sounds like these? Also I'm incredibly green when it comes to making electronic music so if I use the wrong terms please don't kill me.
  6. Bump to say that I reworked the track again. Thanks to the help of rig1015 I've set EQs for every instrument and correctly added the proper reverb. I've added some parts as well to mix it up towards the end. I think the reverb is a little heavy but everywhere I looked online everyone said that same thing; Use lots of reverb to emulate the concert hall experience or something to the effect.
  7. The song is taken from when the party first arrives at the castle. According to the SPC file, the sheet music, and the OST the name of the track is called "Magus' Castle". The music that plays in his dungeon and in the first phase of the fight is an ambient music called "Confusng Melody" and the song that plays when the second phase of the fight occurs is called "Battle with Magus". Thanks. I didn't realize how much work goes into one of these remixes. Hopefully I can making something out of it .
  8. Ok a new reworked version is up. I reworked a lot of the dynamics through automation rather than velocites and also put the song's average volume from 78% to 50% (for the plugins later). I buried the tympanis in this version which I'll have to fix tomorrow/later today (5:20 AM right now) and some of the dynamics are still getting altered from the plugins during the "wave mastering" phase. I also rewrote the transition from the "Secret of the Forest" theme to the "Undersea Palace" theme which is still a work in progress. Suggestions for this area are more than welcomed. I also use some reverb on the strings to clean up the muddiness and fixed some odd articulations. I like the cleanness the plugin give but I don't care for how much gain I get. If anyone know how to balance the two let me know. I didn't add any new instruments because I just can't hear anything other than wind chimes working but I don't have a VST with those. I don't know what kind of light percussion to write in and I don't know how to fit a synth pad without detracting from the orchestral atmosphere or what kind of synth pad to use. I'm not knocking people's opinions, I just need some suggestions.
  9. Thanks for the feedback!, to answer some of you comments; I'm trying to think of else I can put in there that won't be in the way... I believe there is a reverb coming from each plugin already but I don't think I have much turned on for it. I put an overall reverb on the wav as well which is the majority of it is coming from. I'll pm you about busing the reverb since I have no clue how to do it. I'm a little confused by what you mean when it comes to editing the velocity of the notes. Practically 99% of the dynamic levels I put in was by hand using the note velocites because I didn't know how to use automation until the very end. I'm not saying I disagree with you as I can hear what you're talking about and it drive me crazy, but how exactly do I edit to make it sound like they're not hard bowing? Are you saying that you want the strings to fade out while the cello is holding the note? Thanks again for the quick response
  10. Hey everyone, This is my first attempt at remixing and I know there are plenty of Chrono Trigger remixes out there but I was inspired at the dentist to write this (long story). It's an orchestral version of Secret of the Forest that then segues into Undersea Palace which then ends with the ominous Magus Castle theme. It's also my first time working with a DAW so I probably left out a few things here and there so let me know if something seems off. I mixed it all down to where I liked it and exported it to wav. Fast forward to a few plugins later and the backgrounds seems too dense in some areas. I like what plugins I used on it but If there is a way to fix it let me know. Worst case scenario is that I have to go back and edit the parts and re-export the wav. Please share your comments and don't be afraid to criticize (constructively ). I won't learn anything if people aren't honest and even if this remix goes nowhere the experience was well worth it for future projects. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the feedback guys, I've already started to look into some of these options I'm not sure what you mean by this Reaper is apparently compatible with Sibelius 6 and there is actually a section in the manual about it that I neglected to read. I think I'm going to try using the Reaper demo and see how things work out. Thanks for pointing this program out to me! I checked out some piano roll tutorials on youtube and it looks like way too much effort to write music with it. I'm used to writing music with note values that using blocks to notate freaks me out. I can see some advantages though and I could probably extract each part, after condensing the woodwinds, brass, and string sections parts, into MIDI and then load it into FL to read. I think I understand what I need to do next to get my music to the next step. Thanks again!
  12. Hello, I'm trying to figure out what is the most common/best way people use VSTi's without using a MIDI keyboard? I just completed a composition I would like to submit to the site and I composed it in Sibelius. Right now I'm using Miroslav Philharmonik in Sibelius but Miroslav just plows over any dynamic I use. There's also balancing issues with it that can cause hissing if I bump up the volume too much to correct a near inaudible instrument. This composition is using orchestra instrumentation and I've heard some very well done music in the same vein on this site so I know it's possible. I've scavenged Google for information in this and I've found a lot of people use MIDI sequencers (Cakewalk/Logic/etc) with their work. I've got some money I've been saving up for when I was going to start writing seriously so if I have to buy a program that's not a problem. Also if it does come down to using another program like Cakewalk, could i just export my composition in MIDI form from Sibelius, import it through Cakewalk and then using my VSTi or would that compress it to one channel thus rendering it pointless?
  13. Is there a place where everyone meets at i.e. B.Net channel or outside program?
  14. I would like to partake in this if I could and I'll call Fishymancer build.
  15. Was anyone else disappointed by the ending? Seemed like a really terrible way to end the game.
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