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  1. Was that irony too? The truth is: you will never be the man your mother is:!:
  2. Gee, are you always this stupid or did someone help you? No, I just want to know which one is next. FF4 is GREAT!
  3. OK, thanks for clearing it up a bit.
  4. Hi, I was just wondering how do we know which official OCR project is next, like OCRA-0015? Is there a thread/topic about it yet? Thanks.
  5. Yes, thanks guys. In other words, I will just do it and then learn from my errors! Haha. Anyway, I will try and remix some song and I will get back to you guys to judge it. Thanks again for your input!
  6. Thanks guys for all your input so far! What is a music arranger? I will try and see what I can do to get me started!
  7. I mean, when you "remix" or "rendition" a song/theme. How do you begin, you load the midi file and modify it or you base yourself on the track itself and start from there. Anybody can tell me how, I wanna start too! thanks
  8. http://media.putfile.com/love-of-elegance-dub This is something I had on my computer, but can't remember from where I got it. It's only 14 seconds, but the piano theme is original and needs to be remixed into a better version, like with instrumentals or something.. anyway, if anybody can do it maybe, it would be nice, cause I like this theme, but I wish it was better than this. Thanks anyway...
  9. For fun, I did something on a piano... http://media.putfile.com/Atenza---Piano-Groundoss I like Piano and I will try to do a rendition of a kirby song on a piano, but of course, I will add more things to it. Cheers!
  10. I might join the club, since you quitted on the Chrono Cross Recomposition thing. Anyway, I still don't know what to rendition, I like kirby and the amazing mirror, so I might do the ice freeze area one...
  11. Wow, this volume is way better than the other one I think. Has some nice renditions in there! Quick Review: Track 1 is Green Greens on Piano! Sounds good! Score: 7/10 Track 2 is Sky High on Piano too. Sounds good, but not much. Score: 5/10 Track 3 is the Fountain of Dreams, but redone? Anyway, not bad. Score: 5/10 Track 4 is Vegetable Valley on a Violin, well sort of.. listen and you will understand what I mean. It's not so great, but is nice. Score: 6/10 Track 5 is the Heart of Nova theme from Kirby Super Star. Sounds a little bit better! Score: 7/10 Track 6 is Milky Way Stars and it's kinda boring one... Score: 4/10 Track 7 is Marx's Battle Theme done by Kropix. It sounds good. Score: 6/10 Track 8 is the Squeak Squad Title theme by Wii. Kinda normal... Score: 5/10 So, those are my opinions, what are yours!? Anyway, hope they make a better one with way more tracks! It would be awesome... I guess we just have to wait and see... Overall Score: 56% (It gets better I guess...)
  12. Yea, Zero Two by Kropix is my favorite on the soundtrack!
  13. A couple of them need a change of tempo, they're too fast.. but that's not a huge problem to change.
  14. I think I might join. I will try to recompose the Time's Scar theme and also the battle theme. I might do a piano rendition... not sure.
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