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  1. Sounds pretty good so far, I can totally hear the source in there (as well as the source being a great tune), it's definately worth trying to develop it.
  2. Yeah the 1:19 chiptune sound is the one I'm working on... I'm thinking of trying to use a deeper-textured synth or something and pan it between left and right because as it stands it's a bit too obvious. The "unsubmerge" thing sounds like a good idea, I'll have a mess around with it in a bit and see what I can come up with...
  3. OK, back to try again... I'm still working on developing something to get rid of the cover feel to this piece, but just produced a new mixdown with a couple new things added and a new drumkit so I think it sounds better than the last "final" version. You can check it out at http://sites.google.com/site/gamesdojo/megaman9-mix, it's MegaMan9-ConcreteFact.mp3 and the new one is Version 3. Any criticism is definately appreciated. Cheers Changes: Drumkit is now Drumkit From Hell instead of stock ezDrummer drumkit. Added additional notes in Concrete Jungle Editted a lot of the drum patterns, created more variation Added a bit of delay to the intro... not really sure it's working for me but it's in this particular render...
  4. Yup, decided Concrete Fact should be the title... not really sure why though.... And hey, I'm up for more Mega Man 9, it'd just be finding a track to suit the treatment... I actually only just got chance to buy the full version last weekend so I'm slowly working my way through the music, and my favourite is still Concrete Man!
  5. So it took me a while to get ezDrummer working (having to change all the midi velocities by hand is a pain in the ass...), but I finally got a sample, and I cannot believe the difference it makes. I uploaded a quick mp3 of the intro section for some criticism, it definately ain't perfect but I think it's far better than previous uploads. http://sites.google.com/site/gamesdojo/megaman9-mix/mm9-ezdrum-introtest.mp3?attredirects=0 EDIT: OK, I think I'm done! After spending a couple hours changing every midi velocity and moving some of the sounds around I think it's about time to upload the whole thing with the new drums and the remixed guitar. It sounds MUCH better than the previous versions, and although it's far from perfect, I'm happy with it! What made me feel kind of stupid was submitting it a month ago, but as I provided a link, I just replaced the old mp3 with the new one and considering I'm not on the currently reviewing list, and I'll just hope no-one rated the first one, and once again hope it'll get accepted! Cheers
  6. I just bought myself EZdrummer today at Music Live (and considering I play guitar, all I did was look at drum stuff... wierd), and I'm waiting til I get back to my new PC to install it, so hopefully the drums will get an over-haul!
  7. Cheers for the continued comments guys, really appreciate the feedback! I know which part you mean, and yeah, I should get around to adding that in! Again, I know what you're refering to here, and I think it's a case of the poor cymbal samples mixed with the slightly less "high-frequency heavy" guitars muddying the sound a little... I'll set to work on this section next!
  8. Hey guys, I don't quite have the money for EZdrummer yet (though god knows I'd love to!), so I'm trying as best I can with the tools I have and if it really doesn't work I'll shelve it until I can fnd a decent drum set and a good enough bass patch! I've played around with some settings, getting rid of some of the really high frequencies on the drums, bring the kick and snares higher in the mix, doubling the bass and changing patch and remixing some of the guitars, so hopefully it sounds a bit better. Let me know what you think! The new file is 00000005.restored.mp3 You can find it in the usual place: http://sites.google.com/site/gamesdojo/megaman9-mix
  9. Woah... that's cheaper than the European store! It was like 169 Euros...
  10. I just looked up EZdrummer and it was £123 (which I guess is about $240), so it's a little pricey but it looks pretty awesome.
  11. The distortions are all provided by a Line 6 POD which usually sounds fat, so I need to go back and re EQ that... My main problem with drums is trying to find a way of doing it. Currently this is just using a General MIDI Creative Soundfont which is miles ahead of General MIDI, but still not great. I did try and find a VST drum bank or something but I couldn't really find anything that wasn't "Drums From Hell"... I'll have another look at the mix, I'm sure there's plenty I can do! Cheers
  12. Hey guys. I have most of the base recording done now, just tweaking with the mixing and such. So far, I'm pretty happy with the way it's turned out, but I'm throwing it up to get some comments. It's available in the same place, namely http://sites.google.com/site/gamesdojo/megaman9-mix and hopefully it sound OK. I don't like using 128kbps MP3's because you can hear the compression loss, but for a WIP I'm OK with it in that state. And for the source music, the best I can do is lead you to: Title Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qf8_4noxqgk Concrete Man Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwYHfGZMB0g Cheers
  13. Now I worry... all the guitar is real unsynthisised guitar... Cheers for the info though, I did get around to mixing that intro section this morning and it sounds a bit less high, but it definately needs a bit more tuning to get it sounding it's fullest.
  14. Wow, cheers for the positive feedback! I'm gonna set about starting the Concrete Man section today, as well as mixing that first section. Any other comments welcome!
  15. Hey, I'm kind of new here... I once submitted a terrible remix under my name, but I never registered for the forums, so here I am... Hi! I was just playing around and came to remixing a couple of tracks from Mega Man 9. I'm just hope no one else is already in the midst of a Concrete Man Mix! This would be the opening minute or so, and forgive the rough mixing and some dodgy virtual instrument stuff, but I think this sounds pretty good so far. The guitars are too trebley and I think the rhythm guitar needs to be a bit fatter and the bass a bit quieter, but let me know what you think. I'd like to create something great instead of just throwing this stuff aside, so give me any feedback you can. Eventually I will get around into segueing this into the Concrete Man music and from their develop some ideas there, but for now, here it is... http://sites.google.com/site/gamesdojo/megaman9-mix Shouldn't be too hard to find, there's only one MP3 in the folder and I think this site works OK. If you have any problems getting to it let me know. Cheers