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  1. Even though I can't for the life of me properly pronounce his name, I'm definitely a fan now of Nobuo Uematsu's Facebook page! Love Final Fantasy music, some of my favorite video game music next to Zelda!
  2. Browncoat1984

    Unable to delete file...

    The Unlocker Program worked, though I had to actually delete the folder since it wouldn't work on the file. Files are gone, thanks! I remember seeing that program before but couldn't remember what it was called, very handy program. As for the command prompt, I'll keep the quotes thing in mind for next time I have to use it, I don't have to use it very much, the last time I used that sort of interfact heavily is back int he days when I had MSDOS with Windows 3.1, lol.
  3. Browncoat1984

    Unable to delete file...

    The files were saved to My Documents but I'm not sure how to get there from command prompt, I actually thought of that right after I I posted this. I'm using Azureus so its under My Documents/Azureus Downloads/Final Fantasy VII - Voice of the Lifestream, how can I get there from command prompt? I couldn't figure out the short name for My Documents. I tried rebooting into safe mode to see if I could delete it and when I went into My Documents it wouldn't show me anything in the folder (the folder was completely blank, even though I'm the only user on this computer and have administrative privleges). And yeah, that naming scheme IS a little annoying because it has the names of the authors of the file as well as the track name itself and what track from the game it corresponds to. A suggestion: include a .txt file that has all the track names, who made them, and what they correspond to. Then for the actual file name keep it to simple, something like 1x01 - Deliverance of the Heart. Simple is good (sometimes, not always, but in the case of file naming, definitely yes).
  4. Browncoat1984

    Unable to delete file...

    I downloaded the album Final Fantasy VII Voices of the Lifestream, went to delete the file under directory CD 4 - 4-09 One Winged Angel, and the file is marked as undeletable. It is marked as undeleteable in both the MP3 and Wav directories. I tried redownloading the album, same thing. Why is this file marked as undeletable and how can I delete it? Everything else deletes just fine.